RELEASE: EUDE Business School achieves a 4-star score in the QS Stars certification

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: EUDE Business School achieves a 4-star score in the QS Stars certification

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, March 12, 2024.- The best rated areas have been online training, with 5 stars; and academic methodology and employability, with 4 stars.

Obtaining this distinction represents a significant milestone for EUDE Business School. It is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of its academic team, administrative staff and, above all, its students. The 4 QS Stars rating places EUDE among the best institutions classified in this rating internationally.

EUDE has achieved the highest score, 5 QS Stars, in the field of online training. Currently, 13,000 students are studying their master's degrees remotely. Knowing that student training reaches optimal educational standards is the best recognition of the hard work of your teaching team.

Student satisfaction reaches almost 95%, one of the achievements that make them most proud as an institution. On the other hand, in terms of employability, EUDE has obtained 4 QS Stars. Specifically, the rate of graduates from their school actively working rises to 93.9%.

Miguel Hermida, general director of EUDE, has highlighted “the success that this recognition represents for the institution. In this way, our students can verify that they have placed their trust in quality, international training focused on their future work.”

“Behind this recognition there is hard work on the part of the teaching staff; a lot of dedication and a strong professional and teaching vocation. Knowing that our work is valued inspires us to continue training the leaders of the future. That is the main reason why we do this, and seeing the fruits of rewards like this is worth it,” says Juan Díaz del Río, academic director of EUDE.

At EUDE Business School, we celebrate this achievement and are committed to continuing to exceed expectations and achieve new levels of excellence in business education. This recognition places the European School of Management and Business, EUDE, within the top 5 of the QS Stars Ranking of business schools in Spain.


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