RELEASE: FEELM2.0 receives awards for 'Best Innovation in the Vaping Industry'


RELEASE: FEELM2.0 receives awards for 'Best Innovation in the Vaping Industry'

- FEELM2.0 receives awards for 'Best Innovation in the Vaping Industry' for its more than 1,000 inhalations in 2 ml

LONDON, Nov. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Nov. 10, 2023: Smoore International, the world's leading atomization technology company, has received Best Innovation in the Vaping Industry Awards for its FEELM2.0 technology solution. voted by attendees, and Most Responsible Vaping Business at the UKVIA Vaping Industry Forum.

The annual UKVIA Vaping Industry Forum is the largest event of its kind in the UK. Focusing on the industry's key opportunities and challenges, it attracts key figures from government, parliament, regulators, the healthcare community, the retail sector and the research community.

The conference is followed by the UKVIA Industry Recognition Awards selected by a panel of expert judges, with forum attendees only voting for the Best Innovation in the Vaping Industry Award.

FEELM2.0, the technological solution to deliver over 1,000 puffs in 2ml of e-liquid, was revealed in the keynote delivered by Rex Zhang, Chief Strategy Officer at Smoore. Zhang noted that all the major challenges of the disposable vaping sector could be due to the lack of innovation at the core of vaping technology. The stagnation has pushed consumers to look elsewhere for better prices and, at the same time, has created homogeneous competition between brands.

It was revealed that FEELM2.0 greatly advances technology over the best-selling brands on the market today. "Inter Scientific has tested FEELM2.0 with top market vendors in their UK labs. Inter Scientific purchased 7 disposable vaporizers from each of the top 3 brands and included our new solution for measuring in multiple dimensions. All samples were They measured to be within the compatible volume and nicotine level and the report shows a very evident improvement in two main aspects. Our new solution has been shown to practically double the industry average puffs, more than 1,000 puffs in a 2-pack container. ml," Zhang explained.

"In addition to solving the problem of waning flavors, FEELM2.0 keeps the vapor volume constant with only a 3% variation, compared to others that would have a decrease in flavor with a vapor volume variation of up to 47% "The consistency of vapor volume is directly correlated to the consistency of flavor quality."

Attendees were invited to examine Inter Scientific's report proving the technological marvel of FEELM2.0.

Speaking at the award reception, Rex Zhang encouraged the industry to continue to have faith in advancing technology, improving harm reduction and providing better value to society, from an economic and sustainability perspective.

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