New fares : SNCF: the disarray of the controllers face the wrath of customers

With the sellers at the counters and the operators of the 3635, the controllers are first in line. In the Face of passengers fed up, they should explain what th

New fares : SNCF: the disarray of the controllers face the wrath of customers

With the sellers at the counters and the operators of the 3635, the controllers are first in line. In the Face of passengers fed up, they should explain what the minds of Voyages SNCF, in one of the towers of Defence, have developed in terms of pricing and rules. The decisions that they do not always understand, and that to a half-word they fustigent, as the new range of fares is a complicated, less effective and especially makes the use of the train more difficult.

The evolution of their mission makes their task even more challenging: the controls being performed at the dock, they now take the role of commercial agents! In effect, the direction of Travel SNCF is now waiting for these captains -not to mention more controllers - that they are, for example, a "pedagogy dynamics on the use of the application TGV Pro", and especially "a reminder proactive of the new conditions of access to the train". To do this, it has prepared for "elements of language", as we say in business communication: a pamphlet of fifteen pages, and the size of a portfolio.

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the reasons for The change of pricing in six points. fd

Modestly entitled "Simplification of the range of offerings", this book that we have been able to view summarizes the changes that Voyages SNCF operates on the rates and on the cards reduction. On one side, the new range of "card Advantage" and its four variations: family, weekend, senior and young. The other card, the "Freedom" that replaces the old card "Frequency". "A new episode to accompany the deployment of TGV Unheard" promises this memo, which argues in favour of"a range of fares simplified, the real issue for the SNCF to support the changing needs of customers and the arrival of the competition in 2020". And enumerate the reasons why, in six points, which have led Voyages SNCF to make these changes. With in conclusion which seems to be the sinews of war, "the increase in turnover of SNCF".

The message goes wrong with travellers

obviously, the new cards, "Advantage" and "Freedom" have less travelers than the national society. This paper claims, however, that the range is "simplified" and especially that it will "facilitate to the agents the explanation and sale of this new pricing". Just ask the sellers or controllers to see that the message goes wrong with travellers. The SNCF ensures that this evolution will enable customers to "own the line" more easily and to"improve customer satisfaction". But when we consult the social networks, rather, it is an outcry that we perceive. It is necessary to believe that Voyages SNCF has missed his objective. Finally, the paper highlights one final point: "The loyalty of the customers to face the competition". We wish them good luck.

exchanges always more complicated fd

On the next page, Voyages SNCF speaks of a range of "simpler, more advantageous and more adapted to the expectations of the customers". Again, the controllers interviewed are dubious, as the new rules of acquisition, use and exchange are more restrictive than before. For example, the card "Family" requires that you spend the night on the weekend on-site and does not apply to single trips. The document leaves in contrast to the controllers in the dark about the penalty of€ 15, in addition to the readjustment in the tariff, to which we must now pay to redeem a ticket in a second.

A system that is opaque and complex

similarly, why individuals can't they buy a ticket in the second editable and free of charge? Why do the holders of card "Frequency" is now called "Freedom" no longer have the right to take the train before or after? The same confusion of the controllers... The document recognizes, however, that "the conditions of after-sales are a little less favourable to the pros, and the leisure rates with fee statements". Another surprise, that of seeing to the terms of the notes "semi Flex" and "Flex", totally unknown customers. It was also revealed that ticket pro and maps "Freedom", it is now limited to two trade maximum per day, provided that the stations of departure and arrival are the same as the original ticket. And the ticket is no longer refundable after an exchange.

Although the SNCF claims to simplify its offer, this little booklet, stuffed full of notes and paragraphs, attests to the contrary of a system that is opaque and complex. As shown in a note on tickets-pro: due to technical constraints, the new conditions will be put in place in the fourth quarter of 2019', as a result of what the old rules remain temporarily active. A parenthesis - uplifting - states: "No communication to customers."

Date Of Update: 11 July 2019, 00:00