Acciona is awarded its third water treatment plant in the Philippines to supply 2 million people

MADRID, 16 Jul.

Acciona is awarded its third water treatment plant in the Philippines to supply 2 million people


Acciona, in consortium with PrimeBMD and Santa Clara International, has been awarded a contract in the Philippines to carry out the design and construction of the East Bay 2 water treatment plant (ETAP), as well as its subsequent operation and maintenance for 1 year.

This is the third infrastructure of this type that the Spanish company has won in this country, after building a DWTP in Putatán with 150,000 cubic meters per day and another in Laguna Lake with the same capacity, according to sources close to the company. company.

This third project will have a capacity of 200,000 cubic meters per day, which will supply a population of 2 million people in the Pakil area, 70 kilometers southwest of the metropolitan area of ​​Manila, capital of the Philippines.

The contract includes a phase of pretreatment, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and a storage pond of 18,000 cubic meters for brine treatment. The plant will draw water from Laguna Bay, the largest lake in the Philippines, and the second largest inland freshwater lake in Southeast Asia.

One of the main characteristics of Acciona's plants in the Philippines is the advanced treatment of raw water (water that has not received any treatment to date) and supplying drinking water to a growing number of the population since -despite abundance of water resources in the country-- many households in the Philippines do not have access to it.

In 2019, Acciona inaugurated its new commercial office in Manila, the year in which Manila Water was awarded its second water treatment plant in the country, Laguna Lake, for more than 100 million euros, being built in two phases until reaching a capacity of treatment of 150 million liters per day.

Three years earlier, the Philippine water authority selected Acciona for the design, construction, operation and maintenance for one year of the Putatán brackish water treatment plant, to serve an area that includes almost 6 million people and which marked the company's entry into this country.

Since then, the company has obtained various infrastructure works, such as the one it won in February 2023 for 480 million euros to build 7.9 kilometers of railway structure on a viaduct, as well as three stations (Spain, Santa Mesa and Paco) in Manila.

In April 2022, it inaugurated one of its most emblematic works in the Philippines, the Cebu cable-stayed bridge, valued at 465 million euros, which has made it possible to alleviate the congestion that currently occurs on existing bridges, by connecting the city of Cebu - -the most important economic and commercial center of the Philippines after Manila-- with the island of Mactan through Córdova.

Another notable Acciona contract in the Philippines was the construction of two sections of the railway line that will connect the town of Malolos with the Clark International Airport, 80 kilometers north of Manila, for a total amount of 965 million euros.

In 2022,, the group's corporate foundation, also began its activity in the Philippines with the 'Luz en Casa El Nido' project, consisting of the installation of home photovoltaic systems in 100 homes in the town of El Nido, in the province from Palawan.