Adecco Group brings together in 'Working on you' training and employment projects to promote youth employment

This is an initiative aimed at young people up to 30 years of age in which companies and universities collaborate.

Adecco Group brings together in 'Working on you' training and employment projects to promote youth employment

This is an initiative aimed at young people up to 30 years of age in which companies and universities collaborate


The Adecco Group has presented 'Working on you', an initiative that brings together training and employment projects to promote the employability of the population under 30 years of age and which is the result of the company's collaboration with companies and universities.

As reported by the group in a press release, the objective of the initiative is to respond to one of the major structural problems of the Spanish labor market, youth unemployment which, according to the latest Active Population Survey and looking at those under 30 years, has risen by 16,600 people and stands at 838,900 unemployed, with an unemployment rate of 22.61% in the first quarter of 2023.

The Human Resources management company stresses that among those under 25, the situation is "even worse", with a rate of 30%, the second highest in the OECD and the first in the European Union. Despite this situation, eight out of ten companies have difficulties filling their jobs and 10% of the vacancies available in the labor market remain unfilled.

'Working on you' brings together more than 30 initiatives belonging to the different brands of the Group --Adecco, Fundación Adecco, Akkodis and LHH_plus the new ones developed in collaboration with companies such as Iberdrola, Microsoft IAMCP, Abanca, Cobega, Dorna, Greenalia, Televes , Fiact Seguros or Veritas that will offer webinars, internships, training, specific programs or scholarships, among others. More companies are expected to join the initiative.

Through the web three main sections are offered. The first of these is 'It's happening', with a catalog of videos with street interviews that answer questions about the labor market.

The second section deals with training, where the various options, both face-to-face and webinars, will appear; and the third includes job opportunities where young people can find job offers and scholarships. In addition, the platform has a section with 'quizzes', where young people will find quick questionnaires to improve their knowledge, and thus be able to find out their needs and better guide them in their job search.

Both the training and the job offers included in 'Working on you' are intended to be useful for young people with different training profiles and both for those with experience and for those without.

For the president of The Adecco Group Spain, Iker Barricat, in this country "youth unemployment is a great concern and it is our duty to address this challenge proactively". "Youth unemployment can have devastating consequences, both individually and for society as a whole. It limits the access of young people to opportunities for personal and professional development, and can generate demotivation, lack of confidence and inequality", he indicated. .

"Young people represent the future of our society and economy. They are an immense source of talent, energy and fresh ideas that drive innovation and growth. That is why we are committed to supporting young people in their transition to the world of work. We work closely with other organizations to promote the creation of youth employment, providing training opportunities, internship programs and professional advice", has affected .

In his opinion, developing initiatives such as 'Trabajando en ti' improves the employability of young people, "providing them with the necessary skills and competencies to face the challenges of the current and future labor market."

"We are committed to providing them with tools and resources that allow them to stand out in the workplace. Youth unemployment cannot be ignored, and as a company we assume the responsibility of promoting significant changes in this area. We work in collaboration with governments, educational institutions and organizations to provide them with the necessary support so that they can reach their full potential and contribute to the growth and sustainable development of our society. Together, we can build a better future for all", he highlighted.