Andalusia warns of the "danger" that the food of Spain and the EU will remain "in the hands" of third countries

SEVILLA, 24 Feb.

Andalusia warns of the "danger" that the food of Spain and the EU will remain "in the hands" of third countries


The general director of Industries, Innovation and Agri-Food Chain of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development, Cristina de Toro, warned this Saturday about the "danger" of leaving the food of Spain and the entire European Union in hands of third countries, and has urged to "correct" this point. From the Andalusian Government, "we do this by making regulations more flexible and seeking that necessary balance between sustainability and profitability."

This was expressed during his participation in the 'Green Breakfast' organized by the Real Betis Business Club and which, on this occasion, revolved around current events in the agri-food and beverage sector. At the meeting, he highlighted the importance of the Andalusian agricultural and livestock sector and pointed out that it plays a crucial role in guaranteeing food sovereignty in the European Union, as the Board has stated in a press release.

Likewise, he pointed out that "we are facing a strategic sector for the economy of Andalusia and also for the Spanish trade balance due to its export importance, since we are talking about a sector that generates 13% of the Andalusian GDP and 10% of the employment that is created in this autonomous community".

In this sense, the person in charge of Industries of the Ministry of Agriculture has highlighted the work carried out by farmers and ranchers who "with their activity, guarantee the nutrition of 500 million Europeans", while emphasizing that they have the "support" of the Andalusian Government, "willing to support their demands and to demand that their rights be respected in Europe".

Cristina de Toro also recalled that the Minister of Agriculture, Carmen Crespo, has defended in Andalusia and also in the forums of the European Union, the need for mirror clauses to be adopted. Similarly, he has referred to the mobilizations of farmers that are proliferating throughout Spain these days and has indicated that agriculture is "an essential strategic sector that needs support", such as the one he has defended that the Board has provided with the flexibilities. of the Community Agricultural Policy (CAP) launched by the Department of Agriculture to facilitate the application of community regulations.

Regarding geopolitical conflicts such as the war in Ukraine and its negative impact on the agricultural sector, Cristina de Toro has said that they seriously affect farmers and, in fact, "it has led to a 115% increase in production costs." to our farmers and we have high inflation that we must correct. Faced with this situation, he pointed out that the Andalusian Government has promoted measures aimed at providing liquidity to farmers "supporting them in these difficult times with aid such as de minimis, making agri-environmental aid available to them, with the IV Drought Decree or with the Productive Potential Recovery Line".

For this reason, the person responsible for the Food Chain of the Andalusian Government has explained that the Ministry of Agriculture is asking the State to apply a tax reduction of 50% generally for the entire sector and 75% specifically for livestock farming. Cristina del Toro added that "more than a crisis, I believe that we are at a decisive moment where we will have the opportunity to change things to improve and help the agricultural sector, a sector that is indispensable."