CAF will supply 55 intercity electric buses to the Stockholm region next year


CAF will supply 55 intercity electric buses to the Stockholm region next year


The Swedish public transport operator Nobina Stockholm has closed a contract with Solaris, belonging to the CAF group, for the supply of up to 55 Urbino 15 LE electric buses. These are class II, interurban vehicles, so they will be able to operate on the different suburban routes in the Stockholm region. Deliveries of the buses are planned during 2024.

As CAF recalled, as announced at the end of last year during the presentation of its Strategic Plan, Solaris intends to expand its position of "leadership in zero emissions at an urban level in Europe to the intercity bus segment", both through the increase of its market share as well as with the development of new 12m and 18m intercity electric bus platforms, in a segment where significant growth is expected for the coming years.

Nobina is the largest public transport operator in the Nordic region, with more than 13,000 employees in the four countries where it operates (Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark), with a main characteristic of the company being its commitment to sustainability and innovation through when offering your transportation services.

In this case, the company's subsidiary in Stockholm has signed an order with Solaris for the supply of 55 Urbino 15 LE three-axle low-floor buses, vehicles equipped with "great versatility" that allow them to operate both in urban centers and in interurban routes.

The heart of the vehicle will be a 240 kW central motor, powered by energy derived from Solaris High Energy batteries with a capacity of more than 550 kWh, which will allow the buses to provide service throughout the day, charging the vehicle at night. night, in the company's warehouses.

Designed with 52 seats, the buses will be equipped with the so-called Scandinavian package, which adapts them to the country's climatic conditions. In addition, they will have the Mobileye Shield security system, capable of detecting objects located in the vehicle's blind spots, alerting the driver of this through sound signals and messages on the dashboard.

On the other hand, Solaris will also supply intercity buses to the Swedish city of Kristianstad. Thus, the Swedish company VR Kristianstad has signed a contract for the supply of 23 Solaris electric buses. The order includes 20 Urbino 15 LE electric buses and 3 Urbino 12 electric units, both low-floor models. Delivery of the new vehicles is scheduled to take place in July next year.

It should be noted that the Urbino 15 LE model is a bus designed to circulate on both urban and interurban routes, equipped with great autonomy and efficiency for the service. As for the Urbino 12 model, it is the best-known low-floor urban electric model in the Solaris zero-emission range.

The vehicles for the city of Kristianstad will be accessible for passengers with reduced mobility, having two ramps for passengers with disabilities, as well as seats that can be accessed directly from the ground floor. An additional feature of the vehicles will be RGB LED lighting, which will allow the color to change to green, giving the interior a modern look.

Safety will be guaranteed by a monitoring system and the eMirror solution, which includes cameras instead of traditional mirrors, significantly improving visibility while driving the vehicle.

The joint amount of both contracts, Nobina and VR Kistianstad, is around 45 million euros, and consolidates Solaris' position as "European leader in zero-emission solutions."

To date, the company has already delivered more than 2,000 electric buses powered by batteries in 21 different countries, also having an order book with more than a thousand electric vehicles to deliver, currently in different manufacturing phases.