CaixaBank executes more than 85% of its share repurchase in seven weeks of the program

MADRID, 3 May.

CaixaBank executes more than 85% of its share repurchase in seven weeks of the program


CaixaBank has carried out 85.33% of its share repurchase in the seven weeks since this program began on March 14, the total amount of which amounts to 500 million euros, as reported this Friday by the entity to the National Commission of the Stock Market (CNMV).

Specifically, in the seventh week of the program, the bank has acquired more than 10.2 million securities at an average price of 5.04 euros and a total amount of 51.7 million euros. In total, the entity has repurchased 89,641,271 shares for a total amount of 426.6 million euros.

The program aims to maintain the CET1 capital ratio, the highest quality, at around 12%. The expected impact of this buyback will be 0.22% of this ratio, which would leave it at 12.18% according to the data at the end of December 2023.

The repurchased shares will be used to reduce the company's share capital, as approved at the ordinary general meeting of shareholders. The total amount of the program will be 500 million euros and the maximum number of shares to be acquired will depend on the average price at which the purchases take place. In any case, it will not exceed 10% of CaixaBank's share capital.

The program will last six months from its launch, although the bank reserves the right to end the repurchase program earlier if the maximum monetary amount is reached or if another circumstance occurs that would advise or require it.

Morgan Stanley is the program manager. CaixaBank has detailed that no more than 25% of the average daily volume of shares in the trading center where the purchase is made may be purchased on any trading day, with the average daily volume of each trading center corresponding to the twenty days. negotiations prior to the date of each purchase.

The shares will be purchased on the Spanish Continuous Market, on DXE Europe, on Turquoise Europe and on the Aquis Exchange.