Díaz defends that the universal inheritance is a "modest" measure and believes that Calviño will end up supporting it

MADRID, 6 Jul.

Díaz defends that the universal inheritance is a "modest" measure and believes that Calviño will end up supporting it


The second vice president, Minister of Labor and leader of Sumar, Yolanda Díaz, has defended the "modest amount" of her proposal to give 20,000 euros to young people and has been convinced that the first vice president, Nadia Calviño, and "many other people "They will end up supporting this aid.

"I have heard Vice President Calviño say the same thing when I designed the ERTE or when I raised the interprofessional minimum wage [...] And as time goes by, Vice President Calviño adds to the success of these proposals," Díaz highlighted. in an interview on 'El Programa de Ana Rosa' on Telecinco, collected by Europa Press.

Faced with the criticism and rejection already shown by Calviño of this proposal, Díaz has defended that this universal aid of 20,000 euros for 18-year-olds is "possible", since it will be financed "through taxes on those who have the most ".

It is an income of 20,000 euros, "a modest amount" according to Díaz, which any young person can request from the age of majority. "We are going to carry out a process of accompaniment and it would receive it exactly at the age of 23. This year it would affect 490,000 young people", pointed out the minister.

In addition, the head of Labor has ensured that this aid is financed through the taxes of those who have the most. "Here we are clear, it is that this is what the prosperity of a country is about, those who have the most to contribute the most," she stressed.

Sumar has already advanced its intention that this aid, which would mean an annual expense of around 10,000 million euros, be financed through a basket of taxes made up of figures that already exist, such as the tax on large fortunes but that would be redesigned, and for new taxes on certain companies, such as a special tax on large construction and real estate companies.

"The distribution is made in taxes and there are services that their success is precisely in their universal character. But I say more, how many sons and daughters of Amancio Ortega are there? Of Ana Patricia Botín? How many are there? Very few. The salary The average in Spain is 1,542 euros per month. This is the reality of our country," he argued.

The head of Labor has assured that in Spain there is "tax injustice" and the constitutional mandate that urges that whoever has the most, has to contribute more, is not fulfilled. "A small company, the majority in our country, is taxed at 17%, while large companies only at 3.8%", she has denounced.

Thus, he has charged against the fiscal program of the Popular Party, of which it is only known "that it is going to lower taxes on the great fortunes." "The only ones who have lowered taxes on low and medium incomes have been us," he defended.