Errejón assures that they will carry out the reduction of working hours without lower salaries even if there is no PGE

He assures that Sumar maintains "a dispute" with PSOE so that the Government "recovers initiative and does social justice".

Errejón assures that they will carry out the reduction of working hours without lower salaries even if there is no PGE

He assures that Sumar maintains "a dispute" with PSOE so that the Government "recovers initiative and does social justice"


Sumar's parliamentary spokesperson, Íñigo Errejón, assured this Wednesday that the Government will bring forward the reduction of the working day without lowering salaries and other social measures, although there is no General State Budget this year, although he has admitted that the progress It will be "slower" and they will have to "fight more individual battles." Furthermore, he has admitted that the Government partners maintain "a dispute" so that the Executive "recovers the initiative and does social justice."

In an interview given to Radio Euskadi, collected by Europa Press, Errejón reiterated that it seemed like "a bad decision" on the part of the PSOE to give up trying to carry out the 2023 General State Budgets, after the announcement of early elections in Catalonia. .

In his opinion, the Executive "has the responsibility" of trying to approve the public accounts, and he considers giving this up "at a time of much citizen fatigue with politics, at a time of a kind of moral decline in trust among citizens and their representatives, of great difficulty for many families, and even of geopolitical instability, it is irresponsible to give up."

As he pointed out, the objective of this Government "is not to remain, it is not to endure, but rather it is to transform and, for that, the budgets are quite good." "You can govern without budgets, but with budgets you govern and transform better," he assured.

Íñigo Errejón has stated that Sumar is still "fighting to convince the Socialist Party, which is the majority partner, that the best defense of this Government is to recover the initiative and do social justice and transform."

"The passage of time alone is not a good recipe for governments that want to be transformative or that want to promote social progress. So, effectively, there is a dispute between partners, within the Government, about whether this has to be, As the Socialist Party says, a legislature of consolidation or, as we say in Sumar, this legislature still has nothing to consolidate, and we must deepen the transformations of social justice and democratization, so that there is a minimum ground from which we can consolidate," he stated.

In his opinion, "that is yet to be achieved" and it is an "intellectual and political discussion" that exists within the Executive. Regarding the public accounts, he recalled that President Pedro Sánchez said that he considered them "lost" and that the work horizon was now the 2025 budget, and they "respect that decision." "But it was not ours and we do not share it. We believe that there are many things that are waiting to come forward and that should not wait," he warned.

In his opinion, in the Cortes Generales there is "a certain cockfight between the Popular Party and the Socialist Party", and he has warned that "that was the politics of the 90s, of the last century, which got mired between the accusations from the two major parties, and the problems of ordinary people were increasingly outside the institutions." "In the Spanish State there are many people who are still waiting for a solution to their needs," he remarked.

Sumar's parliamentary spokesperson has said that social progress should not be stopped because "people have to come first, before fights and conflicts between parties." "For that, the budgets were very good, but even without a budget, we will bring all these measures to the Congress of Deputies and we will work to ensure that they have a sufficient majority to move them forward."

"For example, we are going to carry out the reduction of the working day without reducing wages, that is, we are going to free up time for workers, we are going to expand the freedom of everyone, not just that of those who can pay for it. That The Ministry of Labor, the Government, will do it, and then it will come to the Congress of Deputies and will have to be approved," he stressed.

After recognizing that, without state accounts, "progress is slower, more fragmented" and more individual battles must be "fought," he stressed that they will not give up. "We would have liked it with budgets, but without budgets it is also possible and we are going to do it," he assured.

On the other hand, Íñigo Errejón has pointed out that the objective of the founding assembly of Sumar, which is being held this Saturday, is "to build politically and strengthen a coalition that was decisive in saving the Spanish Government and ensuring that the right did not win it with the extreme right".

"That made it possible to gain time, but gaining time is not the objective. It was to save Spain from a reactionary wave that is sweeping the continent, and now what it is about is taking advantage of that historic opportunity won to advance, to transform and to make we will see ourselves in one like this again in the next elections, that is, we will change the conditions of possibility that were about to lead to a victory for the reactionaries," he indicated.

In his opinion, that is "democratizing the Spanish State, the distribution of wealth, the relations between peoples, and moving forward in transforming everything that in the country put us at the feet of a victory of the reactionaries that would have meant an authoritarian reversal." very hard".

The presentation of the founding assembly, in which Íñigo Errejón has worked, aims, as he said, "an attempt to put on paper some ideas for the ideological rearmament of the left in the Spanish State, which would make the following cultural battles and policies are not given on the defensive, but rather by recovering the initiative and going for more.

"It is not enough that, every time the elections come, we say: 'how scary, the right is coming'. We must give good reasons to have hope to militate and push a political project that distributes power and wealth in the State Spanish," he said.

In his opinion, this is the declaration of intentions for the birth of Sumar. "And that is done by being in the Government and transforming from the Government, raising the minimum wage, reducing the working day, but also rearming politically, intellectually and culturally."