EthiFinance raises Izertis rating to 'BB' with stable trend

MADRID, 18 Oct.

EthiFinance raises Izertis rating to 'BB' with stable trend


EthiFinance has raised Izertis' rating, going from 'BB' to 'BB', which implies a change in the trend from positive to stable, according to information published this Wednesday in BME Growth.

Specifically, the rating agency has endorsed "the financial solidity" of the group by raising its rating.

EthiFinance has highlighted in its report on Izertis that the assigned rating "is supported by the group's solid financial profile, highlighting the controlled level of debt, together with high financial autonomy."

However, the agency has stated that the rating is limited "by the still modest current size of the company, which affects its competitive positioning, as well as by lower interest coverage as a result of an economic context marked by the rise in guys".

He has also stressed that the rating upgrade is based mainly on a strengthened business profile based on the consolidation of competitive advantages together with greater operational diversification, after the incorporation of strategic companies in recent years.

In line with EthiFinance's methodology, the agency has detailed that the 'software services' sector presents a medium risk in terms of ESG given its limited impact on the environment and that, in addition, this assessment has a neutral impact on the analysis. sectorial.