France and Germany highlight Calviño's profile to preside over the EIB but do not commit support


France and Germany highlight Calviño's profile to preside over the EIB but do not commit support


The Finance Ministers of France, Bruno Le Maire, and Germany, Christian Lindner, highlighted this Friday the skills and work of the First Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño, to preside over the European Investment Bank (EIB). although they have avoided committing their support to any of the candidates.

The German has acknowledged that "there are several qualified candidates", including Nadia Calviño herself, whose work he "appreciates" although the profile of the other candidates is also "impressive." However, Lindner, who does not expect a decision this Friday, has stated that he has a "clear idea" of the improvements that the EIB needs. "For us today it is essential to exchange points of view on how we want to develop the EIB and then make decisions." , has riveted.

"I firmly believe that he has all the necessary skills, but we have to talk among all the ministers to make a final decision," said Le Maire, who is participating this Friday with his counterparts in the informal meeting held in Santiago de Compostela in the framework of the Spanish presidency of the Council.

Le Maire stated that France will reveal the candidate it supports "later", as he recalled that "there is a process" of which his Belgian colleague, Vincent Van Peteghem, is in charge as president of the EIB Board of Governors. .

For his part, Van Peteghem has urged "not to force the process", since the consultation period continues in order to elect the "most consensual" candidate who meets the necessary requirements - the support of 68% of the capital of the bank and at least 18 member states-- although he believes the process "is not at that point yet.

However, he has guaranteed that he will try to move forward "as quickly as possible" because "the sooner that candidate is found, the better," said the Belgian, who will take advantage of the Santiago meeting to discuss the matter with his colleagues.

One of Calviño's main rivals is the former vice president of the European Commission responsible for Competition, the Danish liberal Margrethe Vestager, who is present these days in Santiago de Compostela.

In addition to Vestager, two other Calviño rivals have also moved to Santiago: the former Italian Finance Minister under Mario Draghi, Daniele Franco, and the Polish Teresa Czerwinska, who currently holds the vice presidency of the EIB.

The presence of all of them, with the sole exception of the Swedish candidate Thomas Östros (also vice president of the EIB), may give rise, as Calviño herself has pointed out, to "conversations" about the replacement of Werner Hoyer, although she has indicated that she does not is going to address this issue and has stressed that what is planned is for the issue to be addressed during the Ecofin informal breakfast this Saturday.

Calviño thanked, however, the "decided support" that the Portuguese Government has given to my candidacy for the European Investment Bank, which reflects "the absolute alignment of positions between the two governments on European matters."