German exports fell 1.2% in August

MADRID, 5 Oct.

German exports fell 1.2% in August


Last August, Germany's exports totaled 127.9 billion euros, which represents a decrease of 1.2% compared to the previous month, whose amount fell by 1.9%, according to figures reviewed by Destatis, the Federal Statistical Office.

For its part, German imports also fell in August compared to the previous month, with a monthly decrease of 0.4%, to 111.4 billion.

Compared to August 2022, Germany's exports decreased by 5.8%, while imports increased by 16.8%.

In August, German exports to the EU totaled 69.6 billion euros, 1.5% less than in July, including 48.8 billion destined for eurozone countries, 2.6% less.

Regarding imports from EU countries, the figure reached 60,000 million euros in August, 1.9% more, with a 3.2% monthly increase in purchases from the eurozone, up to 40,200 million .

Exports of goods to non-EU countries amounted to 58.3 billion euros in August, while imports from these countries totaled 51.3 billion, which represents a drop of 0.9% in exports to third countries and 3% in the case of imports.

The main destination for German exports in August was the United States, with 13.3 billion euros, 1.3% less than in July, ahead of the 8.4 billion sold to China, 1.2% more, while exports to the United Kingdom fell 4.2% to 6,000 million euros.

The majority of German imports in August came from China, with a value of 13 billion euros, which represented a decrease of 2% compared to the previous month. Imports from the United States decreased by 3.1%, to 7.6 billion and purchases from the United Kingdom fell 0.9%, to 3.0 billion euros during the same period.