German exports fell in May

MADRID, 4 Jul.

German exports fell in May


German exports totaled 130.5 billion euros in May, a figure that represents a drop of 0.1% compared to the previous month and 0.7% compared to the same month last year, according to data from the Federal Office of Statistics (Destatis).

On their side, imports from Germany in the fifth month of the year reached 116.1 billion euros, 1.7% more than in April, but 8.6% less than a year earlier.

Thus, in the first five months of 2023, German exports totaled 659.3 billion euros, 4.5% more than a year earlier, while imports reached 582.5 billion euros, 2.7% less.

In the month of May, German exports to the EU reached 70,300 million euros, 1.5% less than in April, while German purchases from its community partners reached 61,600 million, 3.5% more. .

In the case of the euro zone, German exports fell by 1.6% in May, to 44.2 billion, while imports increased by 4.5%, to 41,000 million.

Regarding third countries, exports from Germany totaled 60,200 million, 1.5% more, and imports 54,500 million, 0.3% less.

In the month of May, most of Germany's imports came from China, with goods worth 13.3 billion euros, which represented an increase of 2.7% compared to the previous month, while imports from the United States fell 5.7% to 7.6 billion and imports from the UK increased 15.3% to 3.3 billion.

In the case of Russia, German exports decreased by 7.4% per month, up to 700 million euros, while compared to May 2022 they fell by 34.4%.

On their side, imports from Russia fell 17.3% per month in May, to 300 million euros, and 92.6% compared to May 2022.