Mundimoto increases its turnover by 16.6% in 2023, up to 70 million

MADRID, 21 Mar.

Mundimoto increases its turnover by 16.6% in 2023, up to 70 million


Mundimoto closed the 2023 financial year with a turnover of 70 million euros, which means increasing by 16.6% the 60 million earned in the previous year, as the company explained in a statement this Thursday.

Specifically, the company has highlighted that it has managed to "consolidate its leadership position" at the Spanish and European level thanks to the "very important growth" of both its sales and its renting service.

The volume of motorcycles sold by the company remained above 15,000 units as in the previous year, while renting "has broken all its records", with an income figure in this area that is "five times that of the previous year" , thanks to more than 2,000 active renting operations between clients and companies.

The CEO of Mundimoto, Josep Talavera, has considered it a success to offer rental motorcycles, which has meant "a big step forward" for the company. "Pay-per-use is one of the company's fastest growing magnitudes and our forecast is that it will continue to grow by double digits in the coming years," he said.

Specifically, he highlighted that the renting service is "essential" to bring the young public closer to Mundimoto, which allows them to enjoy any motorcycle in the catalogue, "at a very affordable price" and with a flexibility "that years ago was unthinkable." .

In the last year, Mundimoto managed to close a round of 10 million euros in a context that it has indicated was "of significant decline" for the financing of startups at a national level, while also incorporating figures and companies into its 'cap table'. ' like Pablo Isla, Francisco Riberas and Mutua Madrileña.

"Few companies can say that they have added profiles of such prestige, strategic weight and national and international recognition to their shareholders, making the startup stand out above the rest," the company said in the statement.

In addition, Mundimoto has opened its first delegation in Italy, managing in "a few months" to consolidate itself as the leading platform in the transalpine country.

Meanwhile, during 2023 the company expanded its business to retail, while opening its first stores in Madrid and Malaga.

Looking to the future, the company will open new stores in important national retail cities, while it expects the weight of renting to continue growing, with the objective of tripling it in 2024, going from the current 5% to 15%.