Nozama plans to increase its turnover by 50% in 2023, up to 60 million, with the help of Amazon

This year it will open its first office outside of Europe in Mexico.

Nozama plans to increase its turnover by 50% in 2023, up to 60 million, with the help of Amazon

This year it will open its first office outside of Europe in Mexico


Nozama, Amazon's Spanish account management technology platform, plans to close 2023 with a turnover of close to 60 million euros, which is 50% more than the 40 million euros it earned in the previous year, as indicated. the co-founder and CEO of Nozama, Mario Herráiz, in an interview with Europa Press.

In that sense, the manager predicts that the last quarter of the year will be the most important in terms of billing due mainly to the Christmas campaign, a period in which sales on Amazon skyrocket.

"In the end you risk everything in the fourth quarter because the first one comes from sales and so on, the second is strange, the third is very strange with the summer and the normal thing is that in the last quarter (billing) is double what we do practically in the rest of the year," Herráiz highlighted.

Regarding the company's short-term plans, the co-founder of Nozama - Amazon written backwards - has indicated that the firm will open offices in Mexico this year, so its internationalization plan takes on new impetus due to that this will be the first time that the company has a physical presence outside Europe.

"We do work with clients here who are selling in the United States, Mexico and Canada, we have been doing that for several years now, but we did not have a physical presence in the country," Herráiz detailed.

Specifically, Nozama has four offices in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Salamanca and Zaragoza) and many others in Europe, specifically, in Paris, Düsseldorf, Milan and Kent (United Kingdom).

However, and as indicated by the manager, Chile is also included in Nozama's internationalization roadmap, a country in which the firm wanted to have landed already in the third quarter of this year, a plan, however, that has been postponed and for which a new date has not yet been set.

On the other hand, Nozama, which is owned by Tresmares Capital, the independent alternative investment platform promoted by Banco Santander, currently rules out allowing new partners into its capital structure, as indicated by Herráiz.

"We do not believe it is necessary now that investors are needed to take that next step. But that is my opinion, not that of the management committee. Right now there is no concrete plan to bring anyone in because the growth rate is very good, in fact, 50% this year, and we have done it with our own resources. I do not rule out that in the future there may be new investors, but we are not actively looking for it," he assessed.

In relation to possible merger or acquisition operations, Herráiz has indicated that more than inorganic growth, what the company is constantly exploring in the market are "new software tools" that can complement its platform.

In that sense, Nozama, whose services are aimed at increasing the business of manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors on Amazon, has around 300 clients who, according to Herráiz, have a gross value of merchandise moved through the e-commerce giant that ranges between 1,000 and 1,500 million euros.