SAP earns 35% less until March

MADRID, 21 Abr.

SAP earns 35% less until March


The German company specialized in business 'software' SAP registered an attributable net profit of 479 million euros in the first quarter, which represents a decline of 35.2% compared to the profits recorded in the same period of 2022, as reported the multinational.

SAP revenues between January and March totaled 7,441 million, 9.9% more. Of that figure, those generated by the cloud grew by 24%, up to 3,178 million, while 'software' licenses billed 276 million, 13% less, and assistance services reduced sales by 1%, up to 2,905 million. of euros.

On the other hand, the multinational indicated that the liquidation of its commercial operations in Russia and Belarus is almost complete, warning that if the situation worsens beyond its current scope, the business could be subject to materially adverse consequences.

For the year as a whole, SAP expects to achieve revenues in the cloud of between 14,000 and 14,400 million euros, compared to 11,430 million in 2022, which implies an improvement of between 23% and 26% at the exchange rate. constant.

Likewise, the German company is confident that its operating profit will be in a range of between 8,600 and 8,900 million euros, which would mean an improvement of between 8% and 11% compared to 7,990 million in 2022.

"We have entered a powerful new phase in our strategic transformation, with bottom line and bottom line results clearly demonstrating the tipping point we passed in Q4 2022," said SAP CEO Christian Klein.