Spaniards spent 10% more on trips this summer, up to 2,200 euros per person

MADRID, 25 Sep.

Spaniards spent 10% more on trips this summer, up to 2,200 euros per person


Spaniards spent 10% more on trips this summer compared to the previous year, with the average ticket per person amounting to 2,200 euros, according to data recorded by the customized travel platform Evaneos, which ensures that the campaign closed with an increase in 21% on the number of your reservations.

Specifically, that company's travel sales increased 40% year-on-year in the month of June and, in general, the balance approached pre-pandemic levels. The average stay has been 11 days.

As for the favorite destinations of Spaniards, a European country, Italy, has slipped into the 'top 4' of destinations for families, after Costa Rica, Thailand and Morocco. The list preferred by couples is similar, although they prefer Indonesia to Morocco. Peru loses positions on the list due to its internal difficulties.

Furthermore, the tendency to look for a last-minute "bargain" is losing importance and Spaniards are increasingly "more forward-thinking" when it comes to booking their vacations, especially summer ones.

Thus, this year Evaneos began receiving applications in March, when in previous years the peak of applications occurred in May, two months later. During the winter, in the case of the Christmas holidays, for example, the anticipation could reach two months.

On the other hand, more and more Spaniards are choosing to book their holidays outside of the high season and September has seen a 30% increase in bookings compared to last year.

"Travellers have more flexibility than before and they like to go out during the high season, when there is less crowding in the destinations and prices are more affordable," highlighted the country manager for Southern Europe at Evaneos, Viola Migliori.

For the booking platform, after the summer the activity does not stop because preparations begin for the next getaways such as the October and December long weekends, and, of course, Christmas.

For now, the best-selling destination for December is Egypt, followed by Jordan. Last year the list was headed by Morocco. The trend indicates that Spaniards are looking for warm climates for their autumn and winter holidays