The Alliance (Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi) will have a cooperative project model until the end of the year

MADRID, 27 Sep.

The Alliance (Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi) will have a cooperative project model until the end of the year


The Alliance between Renault Group, Nissan Motor and Mitsubishi Motor will have a new organization until the end of the year, moving from the current standardized model on a global scale to a cooperation based on projects with the aim of making decision-making faster, more agile and adapted to each region, as reported by Renault Group.

Thus, this will be the model of the relationship between the French company and the Japanese companies until the end of 2023, after concluding at the end of July the definitive agreements provided for in the binding framework signed in February, while the transactions to implement the new ordinance of the collaboration must be carried out in the fourth quarter of the year.

In addition, the purchasing part of the Alliance will evolve into different organizations based on an individualized project-by-project approach, so that a company leading a project will be able to autonomously define the specifications and processes regarding the requirements of each company in terms of products, as long as you respect the regulations of each region.

"This new organization will make it possible to make decisions more quickly and improve operational effectiveness in many fields: markets, technologies, vehicles, among others, with the aim of supporting the implementation of common projects of the Alliance for Europe, Latin America and India," according to assures the statement.

As agreed in the document signed on February 6, in the last quarter the cross participation between Nissan and Renault Group of 15% will be carried out, with a conservation obligation and with the obligation to limit their participations. Similarly, Renault will transfer 28.4% of its Nissan shares to a French trust, where voting rights will be "neutralized", subject to certain exceptions.

For its part, Nissan committed to investing up to 600 million euros in Ampere, the new Renault Group firm dedicated to electric vehicles and software in Europe, to become a "strategic investor and occupy a position on its board of directors."