The Anémona group becomes a shareholder in Izertis with a 6% stake for 12.7 million

MADRID, 24 Abr.

The Anémona group becomes a shareholder in Izertis with a 6% stake for 12.7 million


The Anémona group, an investment company chaired by Pablo Arnús, has become a shareholder in Izertis with a 6% stake, in an operation that has meant the disbursement of almost 12.7 million euros and the acquisition of nearly 1. 6 million shares of the technology multinational, becoming the company's second largest shareholder behind the president, Pablo Martín.

Specifically, Izertis has made it possible for the Anémona group to become a shareholder through Anémona Logística, with an operation that has materialized through the purchase and sale of 1,584,580 shares, of which 1,128,746 shares belonged to the company in treasury stock and 455,834 have been sold by Laren Capital, which holds 50.48% of the company, at a unit price of 8 euros.

"It is the largest investment in the capital of the technology consulting firm in its history," Izertis, which has been listed on the BME since 2019 with a current capitalization of more than 230 million euros, highlighted this Wednesday in a press release.

The operation has been framed as strategic and contributes to providing "even more" stability to the shareholders and, likewise, "evidences the market's confidence in the growth trajectory of Izertis, with an average annual growth of 20% in its 27 years of history", the company has stressed.

It also represents, as the firm has considered, "important support" for its medium-term business strategy, with a 'Strategic Plan 2027' that plans to reach 250 million euros in revenue and 33 million euros in gross profit. exploitation (Ebitda) at the end of that year.

The Izertis company has closed 2023 with a total of 121.3 million euros in revenue and 18.6 million normalized Ebitda, the financial indicator that measures the profitability of a company.

The increase in the revenue figure at the end of last year, 31.6% compared to 2022, maintains the growth rate of previous years, of 35.6% in 2022; 28.6% in 2021; and 9.1% in 2020.