The Ibex 35 falls 0.58% and yields 9,600 points without the Wall Street reference due to a holiday

MADRID, 4 Jul.

The Ibex 35 falls 0.58% and yields 9,600 points without the Wall Street reference due to a holiday


The Ibex 35 has yielded 0.58% this Tuesday, which has led it to stand at 9,588.4 integers, on a day in which it has lacked the Wall Street reference, since today is the Day of Independence in the United States, and in which the selective has been affected by the declines in weight bank values ​​such as Caixabank, Banco Santander and BBVA.

In addition, there are several securities of the Madrid selective that today have had the 'ex-dividend' effect, that is to say that their shares were already trading without the right to receive the payment that will be made in the coming days. This is the case of Enagás (-6.28%), ACS (-5.19%), Acciona (-3.22%), Repsol (-2.79%) and Colonial (-1.33%). Removing this effect, Enagás has subtracted 0.48%; ACS 0.46%; Acciona 0.27% and Repsol 0.23%, while Colonial has risen 3.24%.

Among the increases, Merlín Properties (2.53%), Grifols (1.9%), Fluidra (1.58%) and Logista (0.81%) stood out, while CaixaBank (- 2.67%), Banco Santander (-1.73%), Acciona Energía (-1.35%), Unicaja (-1.28%) and BBVA (-0.93%).

Among today's references, the unemployment data in Spain have been found, which have shown that the number of unemployed fell by 50,268 people in June in relation to the previous month (-1.8%), which implies that the total number has dropped for the first time in 15 years from the 2.7 million unemployed. At the same time, affiliation to Social Security has gained an average of 54,541 contributors in June compared to the previous month, which has led the system to a new all-time high of 20,869,940 employed.

Likewise, the Public Treasury has placed 5,268.51 million euros today in six- and twelve-month bills, within the expected medium-high range, and has done so by offering yields of 3.8% on twelve-month bills, the highest high since 2012.

The improvement in the interest rates offered, in line with the latest interest rate increases by the European Central Bank (ECB), has maintained the investor appetite of the markets for Spanish securities, although the joint demand for both references has not doubled what was awarded, with requests for 8,128.87 million euros.

Likewise, it has been known today that German exports fell in May, mainly due to the cut with Russia and the United States.

The decreases have also been the common denominator in the rest of the European parquets: London has discounted 0.1%; Milan 0.21%; Paris 0.23% and Frankfurt 0.26%.

On the other hand, the price of a barrel of Brent quality oil, a reference for the Old Continent, rose 1.94%, to 76.1 dollars, while Texas stood at 71.21 dollars, 2.05 % more, after yesterday Saudi Arabia announced an extension until August of the voluntary cut of one million barrels per day of its crude production that it began to implement in July and leaves open the possibility of extending the adjustment.

In the foreign exchange market, the euro stood at 1.0899 dollars after depreciating one tenth compared to the "green ticket", while the Spanish risk premium was around 101.1 basis points, with the interest required from the 10-year bond at 3.461%.