The Ibex rises 2% in the week, on the verge of recovering 9,500 points

It rises 0.

The Ibex rises 2% in the week, on the verge of recovering 9,500 points

It rises 0.68% in the day on Friday


The Ibex has closed a week marked by the monetary policy decisions of the Federal Reserve (Fed) and the European Central Bank (ECB) with a rise of 2% compared to last Friday, standing at 9,495 points.

Compared to the close of the session on Thursday, the selective of the Spanish stock markets and markets has increased by 0.68%.

If the Federal Reserve of the United States (Fed) chose to maintain rates, and the European Central Bank (ECB) to raise them by 25 basis points, today the Bank of Japan has also chosen to maintain its expansive policy and not apply changes even in the rates or in its curve control program, according to Renta 4.

Among the macroeconomic references, the CPI for the euro area has been known, which stood at 6.1% in May, its lowest level since February 2022, while the underlying rate eased to 5.3% since 5 .6% of the previous month.

It should be noted that this Friday is the second 'quadruple witch hour' of the year, which means that options and futures on indices and shares expire in both Europe and the United States, which can cause some volatility in the markets.

In this context, Solaria has led the selective (3.1%), ahead of Ferrovial SE (2.17%), Iberdrola (1.98%), Banco Sabadell (1.90%), Indra (1.74 %) and Colonial (1.50%).

On the opposite side were Fluidra (-1.17%), Meliá (-1.16%), Mapfre (-1.02%), Telefónica (-0.90%) and Aena (-0.77% ).

All the major European markets have closed positively, with Frankfurt advancing 0.41%; Paris, 1.34%; Milan, 0.47% and London, 0.19%.

At the close of the European trading session, a barrel of Brent advanced 0.12%, up to 75.73 dollars, while West Texas Intermediate reached 70.81 dollars, 0.27% more.

The yield of the Spanish bond with a maturity of 10 years has closed the day located at 3.386%, from 3.445% on Thursday. Thus, the risk premium against Spanish bonds has fallen to 91.2 basis points, three points less.

The euro depreciated 0.18% against the dollar at the close of the European stock market session, reaching 1.0926 dollars for each euro.

On Wednesday of next week the inflation data for the United Kingdom will be released, while on Thursday the monetary policy decisions of the Bank of England and the Swiss National Bank will be published and on Friday the private activity data of the Eurozone Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI).