The increase in salaries of public employees in 2024 will cost 4,746 million euros

MADRID, 16 Oct.

The increase in salaries of public employees in 2024 will cost 4,746 million euros


The Government has estimated the budgetary impact of the salary increase for public employees agreed with the unions for 2024 in the Budget Plan that it has sent to Brussels at 4,746 million euros.

As agreed between the Government and CCOO and UGT, the salary of public employees will experience a fixed increase of 2% next year, plus an additional 0.5% that will depend on how the Harmonized Consumer Price Index (IPCA) evolves. .

In 2023, the expense of the salary increase for public employees is estimated at 4,631 million euros within the Budget Plan.

The salary of the more than three million people who make up this group has increased this year by a fixed percentage of 2.5% compared to that in force in 2022, although two additional increases of 0.5% are contemplated conditional on the IPCA and the GDP.

The first of them, the one linked to the IPCA, has already been carried out. It was approved in the Council of Ministers last October, with retroactive effect from January 1. Then, the Ministry of Finance estimated the cost of this additional 0.5% increase at 791 million euros and the idea is that this will be reflected in the October payroll or in the first time possible.

But for this year, the possibility of another additional increase of 0.5% is also contemplated in the event that the increase in nominal GDP equals or exceeds that estimated by the Government in the macroeconomic table that accompanies the Budget Law.

In the Budget Plan sent to Brussels, the acting Government has raised its growth forecast for this year to 2.4%, three tenths above the previous projection, while it has cut four tenths its estimate for the advance of the economy in 2024, up to 2%.

Although the Executive has prepared this Budget Plan in an inertial fiscal scenario, that is, in the absence of changes or new measures, it does include some measures that will be adopted in any scenario, such as the increase in the remuneration of public employees or the revaluation of pensions according to the CPI for 2024.

By then, the total increase in the salary of public employees in the period 2022-2024 will have exceeded 8%, and could reach 9.5% in those years, depending on the variables contemplated in the review clauses. In real terms, the revaluation can reach 9.8%, since the salary increase for each year is consolidated.