Vodafone opts for a tender of 45.5 million for the follow-up of convicts with restraining orders

MADRID, 27 Ago.

Vodafone opts for a tender of 45.5 million for the follow-up of convicts with restraining orders


Vodafone, in addition to the company Buddi Limited, has submitted to a public tender from the Secretary of State for Equality and Against Gender Violence for the implementation of a telematic monitoring system for compliance with precautionary measures and prison sentences. prohibition of approach in matters of gender violence, a contract whose estimated value stands at almost 45.5 million euros.

The tender process, urgently processed and financed by the European Union (EU), describes in the technical specifications that the system to be implemented must be able to "identify at all times the place in Spanish territory where are the persons or person charged or convicted in the judicial proceeding with respect to the victims or victim of the crime, wherever they are".

In addition, it must verify the proximity between the victim and the convicted person "establishing the appropriate mechanisms to detect any attempt to violate the established approach prohibition", according to the documentation published on the public procurement portal and consulted by Europa Press.

The system implemented by the company that is finally awarded the contract must also provide precise information on the specific point in Spanish territory where the person charged or convicted in the legal proceedings is located at any given time with respect to the place where the victim of the crime is located. crime.

"Electronic devices must be compatible with GPS positioning systems and must have an alternative technical solution that estimates the location in those areas where the device cannot be located through these universal positioning systems, such as determining the position based on the mobile network infrastructure and the 'wifi' points by means of triangulation calculations with telephone antennas or similar, with sufficient precision to determine those risk situations that could occur", adds the statement.

Likewise, the system must have mechanisms to prevent, detect and notify any attempt to defraud or falsify the operation of electronic devices, as well as to disable or disturb their normal operation.

It also has to communicate the transgressions of the imposed approach prohibition and the incidents that occur to the people assigned to the integral service, to the accused or convicted person, to the victim of the crime and to all the professionals established in application of the protocols. action in this type of case.

Another of the requirements established in the tender is that the final winner has a control center that works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The contracting table of the Ministry of Equality, in relation to the conflict of interest risk report, has requested Buddi Limited, specialized in location devices, "to register the necessary data in the Minerva database that allow the conflict of interest risk report required for your company".

Meanwhile, the contracting committee has asked Vodafone Spain for a new report that "contemplates all the people involved in the tender award process."

On Monday, August 28, the contracting table will proceed to open the technical offers submitted.