Aldi sells iPhone 7 for under 300 Euro - but there's a catch

the Aldi Nord sold the iPhone 7 for a bargain price - but there is a catch 11.58 PM: Aldi Nord sold starting on August 27. February, the iPhone 7 for 289 E

Aldi sells iPhone 7 for under 300 Euro - but there's a catch
the Aldi Nord sold the iPhone 7 for a bargain price - but there is a catch

11.58 PM: Aldi Nord sold starting on August 27. February, the iPhone 7 for 289 Euro (display). A bargain, but there is a small hook.

The iPhones are not new, but used. They were outdated, according to Aldi General - completely dismantled and with original parts re-assembled. "Extensive inspection, functional test and data deletion processes" to ensure that the Smartphones are working properly. All devices were cleaned completely and disinfected, it is only minimal traces of use are visible.

Specifically, the iPhone has a memory space of 32 gigabytes and is available in the colors Black and Gold. In addition to a Two-year warranty from Medion at the top.

The catch: Much cheaper to get a used model of the Internet giant Amazon. There is an iPhone 7 with 32 GB for 182 euros (display), including a one year warranty. Who puts on a two-year warranty value, you can buy an Amazon-Protect warranty for 18,99 Euro - so the offer is still cheaper than the model at Aldi Nord.

Aldi on the Gas: from the USA to ab 2021, the most important market

Thursday, 20. February 2020, 08.52 PM: Era at Aldi: The US business of German discounter can already surpass 2021 sales in Germany, such as the "business week" reported.

The sheet based on a forecast of the market researcher's Edge by Ascential. According to the data of Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd are going to achieve in the current year in Germany, around 31.1 billion euros in sales. In the USA, the equivalent of 30.1 billion euros.

In the coming year will be on the US business front, expected to Boris Planer, chief economist of the Edge by Ascential, according to the report. The Aldi sales are expected to rise in 2021 to 31.5 billion euros in Germany, and € 32.4 billion in the United States.

Aldi has focused for years on the US market. Aldi Nord operates about the US chain Trader Joe's.

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Aldi car really sold from 20. February's Top Smartphone from Samsung

Wednesday, 12. February 2020, 13.33 at: This process surprised even those familiar with the Tech scene: Just a year after the Release of Aldi takes the Galaxy Note 10 Plus to the range. It is one of the Premium models from the manufacturer and will cost without a contract at Aldi 899 Euro. So far, the discounters offered particularly low-priced, middle-class models of Samsung.

The device is from 20. February in the shimmering blue color Aura Glow has 256 gigabytes of storage space.

The Aldi-Talk-offer the contract consists of 24 Installments of 41,50 Euro. When this purchase over two years, the total price would thus be 996 Euro. In addition, Aldi are a 10 Euro gift card.


  • Excellent OLED Display with an embedded fingerprint sensor.
  • Handy S-Pen features, without the touch
  • good Performance


  • camera in low light behind the Huawei P30 Per back
  • battery life should be longer
  • holte, Not a classic headphone Jack

In the CHIP Test ("very good") from the August 2019, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus in the categories of Display, camera and performance reviews.

click here to read the full CHIP product test. In comparison, the Samsung Smartphone scores only moderately. Other providers to beat the Aldi offer.

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Aldi is beer in glass bottles to the range

Tuesday, 11. February 2020, 13.44 PM: , The Discounter Aldi Süd is testing the sale of beer in glass bottles. The "Lebensmittel Zeitung" reported. The Test is run only in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. Offered Pils from Krombacher and Bitburger, as well as Early-Kölsch in crates of 20 or 24 bottles a 0,5 or 0,33 litres.

so Far, there are at Aldi and only beer and other drinks in plastic bottles or cans. The reason for this is the higher costs and higher logistics are bottles of effort for the redemption of returnable.

How the "world" reported, could be Aldi try with the advance of possible sanctions to fend off. In Germany, the share of returnable bottles in the trade should be actually at 70 percent. In fact, he is but according to the German Federal environment Agency (UBA), only 42.2 percent. The trade should not reach the goal in the next two years, penalties, and other requirements threaten. These are not yet exactly known. Among other things, a levy on single-use bottles of 20 cents per piece in the room. (display)

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