ANNOUNCEMENT: AUTODOC incorporates an Amazon expert for EU Category Management

Berlin, August 3, 2023 (News Aktuell).

ANNOUNCEMENT: AUTODOC incorporates an Amazon expert for EU Category Management

Berlin, August 3, 2023 (News Aktuell).- AUTODOC, a leading online marketer of spare parts and accessories for vehicles in Europe, reinforces its management team with Raoul Heinze, who now assumes the position of senior vice president of the EU Category Management department. This newly created division, based in Luxembourg, aims to set new standards when it comes to the customer experience at AUTODOC.

Raoul Heinze joined AUTODOC in May 2023 in the role of Senior Vice President and now leads the new EU Category Management department. As a member of the executive leadership team, he reports directly to Dmitry Zadorojnii, co-CEO of AUTODOC SE. With 25 years of professional experience in the retail and technology sectors, he brings valuable management experience to this role. Previously, Heinze held various management positions at Amazon over 13 years, where he led the European operations in the automotive aftermarket from 2016 to 2021.

"AUTODOC is a fascinating company, especially with its clear focus on the European segment of the automotive aftermarket in 27 countries. For 15 years now, this focus on automotive customers and the associated ecosystem has proven be extremely successful and financially viable, opening up a wide range of options for innovation," says Raoul Heinze. "I am especially impressed by the speed with which decisions are made and implemented here. The strategic mindset of the management team, along with the passion and dynamism of the company, fit perfectly with my personal style of working. I am very excited for working with my colleagues in marketing and supply chain management to continue to develop the full potential of AUTODOC."

New AUTODOC department in Luxembourg: EU Category Management

In June 2023, AUTODOC established the EU Category Management department in Luxembourg, which is now the basis for coordination at the European level. The EU Category Management department has been conceived to further optimize the customer experience at AUTODOC and will work closely with the existing Marketing and Supply Chain/Fulfilment departments. The tasks of the new department include: the introduction of new categories, the expansion of the product range for B2C and B2B/AUTODOC PRO clients, the development of strategic relationships with suppliers, the improvement of product availability and price management. attractive on various channels.

"At AUTODOC, we place great emphasis on effective category management as it is a key factor in improving the customer experience and our value proposition," says Dmitry Zadorojnii, co-CEO of AUTODOC. "We are very pleased that Raoul Heinze has assumed the new role of Senior Vice President in this area. Thanks to his extensive experience, which also spans the automotive sector, and his strong leadership and technical knowledge, he will help us to to continually optimize and refine the experience for even more groups of customers."

In addition to Raoul Heinze, eight to ten employees are expected to work at the company's new location in Luxembourg. The Category Management division, which includes eight existing teams, will in future have around 175 employees, 150 of whom are already working for AUTODOC in Germany, Moldova, Poland, Portugal and Ukraine.

The subsidiary Autodoc Luxembourg S.à r.l was founded in May 2023.


AUTODOC is a leading online trader in the vehicle parts and accessories market in Europe. The company, founded in Berlin in 2008 by Alexej Erdle, Max Wegner and Vitalij Kungel, has quickly become one of the most exciting Internet companies in Europe. Since November 2022, the company has been operating as a European public limited company under the name AUTODOC SE. The board of directors consists of Sandra Dax (co-CEO) and Dmitry Zadorojnii (co-CEO). In 2022, AUTODOC achieved a turnover of €1.1 billion (2021: €1 billion). AUTODOC has in its range 5.2 million products for 166 car brands, 23 truck brands and 154 motorcycle brands. AUTODOC has web shops in 27 European countries. The company employs around 5,000 people at eight locations: Germany, Luxembourg, France, Portugal, Poland, Moldova, the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

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