COMMUNICATED: Pedro Ferrer Noguer: 'Listening to consumers and conquering new markets is the key to the future'

Barcelona, ​​September 26, 2023.

COMMUNICATED: Pedro Ferrer Noguer: 'Listening to consumers and conquering new markets is the key to the future'

Barcelona, ​​September 26, 2023.- Pedro Ferrer Noguer is recognized as vice president of the renowned Freixenet group, one of the leaders of the wine industry in the country and the world's largest producer of Cava. However, this prominent Catalan businessman and manager is not limited to his work in this powerful company, but is also involved in other businesses related to wine. Prominent among them is his renowned company, Ferrer Wines, which he founded in 2019, just as Freixenet joined the prestigious Henkell-Freixenet group.

In his last interview, Pedro Ferrer revealed that he has always felt that he has two souls, which are divided, but united at the same time. The first of them is proud of the success that Freixenet has achieved, becoming a big business, thanks to the alliances established with Henkell, which has allowed them to position themselves as leaders in the global sparkling wine market.

On the other hand, his second soul loves the land and delights in creating wines that authentically express it. She loves to produce small creations that reveal the maximum essence of the variety, the land and the climate in different places around the world. At this point, Ferrer Wines takes center stage: it has small estates in exceptional wine-growing areas that allow it to produce wines of extraordinary quality.

Pedro Ferrer Noguer considers it vital to listen to his winemakers and, above all, his consumers, who are the true protagonists when choosing on a restaurant menu or on a store shelf. They are the ones who provide the keys to the future of the sector, highlighting the growing demand for signature wines and small wine productions that respect and preserve their environment in a sustainable way.

That is why the Ferrer Wines wineries have obtained vegan certification and also produce organic wines, thus demonstrating their commitment and coherence with the land, the vineyards and the environment. However, the businessman also likes to explore new possibilities and experiment in the production of new wines beyond trends, which is reflected in the large number of awards that his wineries have recently received.

The market craves products that are authentic representatives of the land, that overflow with flavor and freshness. It is also important to search for low-alcohol or non-alcoholic wines and spirits. The recent fashion of mocktails is proof of this. Fortunately, he concludes, Ferrer Wines already has several options that meet these characteristics. From the sulfite-free Orube Rioja, to the Bosque de Fuscallo albariño or the Hill Panot Pinot Noir cava. But its tireless commitment to finding new creations that conquer consumers will not stop.


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