COMMUNICATION: A funny story from SM to stop using the pacifier

(Information sent by the signatory company).

COMMUNICATION: A funny story from SM to stop using the pacifier

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Can I look at your pacifier? It is an endearing and fun illustrated album with flaps to read as a family, and with which children will learn to say goodbye to the pacifier.

New title from the author of the bestseller Can I Look at Your Diaper? which, with more than 200,000 copies sold in Spain, is one of parents' favorite books for this developmental stage.

Madrid, February 29, 2024.- Why do many babies use a pacifier? The main purpose of a pacifier comes down to the fact that newborns are born with an instinct to suck. Whether because they are bored, tired, or need comfort, this sucking instinct is independent of their need to eat. Some babies prefer to suck their thumb or fingers and others prefer pacifiers. The pacifier provides a calming and relaxing effect for the baby.

And leaving the pacifier behind is a significant milestone for parents and little ones. On many occasions, the use of this object can become a habit that is difficult to break. However, thanks to Can I Look at Your Pacifier? from Ratón Fisgón, families have a friendly guide to make this process more bearable.

Can I look at your pacifier? , published in SM, narrates the journey of the curious Snoopy Mouse, asking his friends about his pacifiers. Some are kept in boxes, others hidden under a tree. Some are old and some are new. But Snoopy Mouse has already left his and, together with his friends, explores a different way to cope with separating from the pacifier and at the same time help other babies who do need it.

Author and illustrator Guido van Genechten

Learning from a young age with books

Books are a good tool to help establish habits in a child's daily life and make it easier for them to acquire them. When they see references of their peers carrying out the same activities, they do not feel alone, and they do not perceive having to do all those things as something imposed, because the rest of the children do it too. Likewise, they see the consequences of not doing so, and empathy with a story character helps them in their learning.

With the Snoopy Mouse as the protagonist, SM has published several educational and very fun books so that children and families advance in the acquisition of some fundamental habits in the stage from 0 to 2 years:

Your Creator

Guido van Genechten was born in Mol (Belgium) on August 19, 1957. He studied drawing, painting, design and photography at the Academy of Graphic Arts in his hometown. He grew up in a rural environment and continues to live in the countryside. His illustrations are characterized by being outlined in black and by their rich color, while the stories usually end with a moral. He has achieved several recognitions, such as the International Illustration Award of the city of Hasselt and the Reader's Digest Award for Best Illustrator of Children's Books in 2007. His book The Little Kangaroo was chosen Illustrated Book of the Year 2007 in the Countries Low. In his country he has published more than forty children's books (the first in 1995), most of which have reached Spain.

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