COMMUNICATION: Practical guide on how to calculate frigories per m to choose the ideal air conditioning this 2024

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COMMUNICATION: Practical guide on how to calculate frigories per m to choose the ideal air conditioning this 2024

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There are doubts when it comes to knowing what power of air conditioning should be chosen depending on the space to be air-conditioned. To solve it, Grupo Aplus reveals a detailed guide on calculating frigories per m²

Alicante, April 17, 2024.- In the search for thermal comfort in homes and commercial spaces, choosing the right air conditioning plays a crucial role. With the launch of a complete guide on the calculation of frigories per square meter, Grupo Aplus provides a valuable tool for consumers seeking to optimize efficiency and energy savings in their refrigeration systems. The calculation of frigories per m² is essential to determine the necessary cooling capacity for each space, ensuring optimal performance of the air conditioning and avoiding excessive energy consumption. The guide, prepared by HVAC experts, offers a detailed overview of the key factors to consider when calculating the necessary frigories, including surface area, orientation, climate and construction materials. To facilitate the calculation process, the guide includes a detailed table which shows the number of refrigerators recommended for different sizes of spaces to be air-conditioned. For example:50m² to air condition>>>between 4,500 and 5,000 frigories70m² to air condition>>>between 6,500 and 7,500 frigories90m² to air condition>>>between 8,500 and 9,500 frigories highlighting the importance For a precise selection of air conditioning equipment, the guide emphasizes that there is no ideal machine, but there is one suitable for each specific need. By following the recommendations provided in the guide, users can ensure efficient performance of their cooling system and achieve significant savings on their electricity bill. "Calculating the necessary frigories is the first step in choosing the right air conditioner," says Iván Bordonado. from Aplus Group. "Our guide offers detailed and practical guidance to help consumers make informed decisions and ensure a cool and comfortable environment in their homes and businesses." "It is not only about choosing the right power for the comfort and performance that the equipment, in addition, it is crucial to select the appropriate air conditioning to have low and controlled energy consumption. An equipment whose power is above that necessary will consume a surplus of energy that is not needed and, on the contrary, if it is chosen between. equipment with a power lower than the recommended one, its operation will be forced and will also cause an increase in energy costs and performance." In addition to providing a reference table to calculate frigories per m² based on the size of the space to be air-conditioned, the guide It also addresses frequently asked questions and offers recommendations for optimal installation of air conditioning equipment. In conclusion, Grupo Aplus reiterates its commitment to providing expert advice on air conditioning, inviting consumers to take advantage of its experience and knowledge to ensure the right choice of the most suitable air conditioning. suitable for your individual needs.

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