COMMUNICATION: Zucchetti Spain indicates the path for the automation of the industry

(Information sent by the signatory company).

COMMUNICATION: Zucchetti Spain indicates the path for the automation of the industry

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The benchmark for software manufacturers analyzes the transformation of industrial processes, sector by sector

Bilbao, January 31, 2024.- The leading software solutions manufacturer in the IT sector today launches a new teaching guide titled "ERP and industrial automation. How to transform processes sector by sector."

This document, which can be downloaded for free at, provides the keys to adapting to the paradigm shift brought about by new technologies and industry 4.0.

The guide shows how to automate processes in 3 important industrial segments, such as automotive, machining or machine tool manufacturers.

Industrial automation is already here; Now it is essential that industries adapt to it. The objective is to learn how to improve efficiency and increase the competitiveness of the industry through the implementation of new technologies. Solutions that help make smart, data-driven decisions and make effective demand forecasts, instead of relying on mere estimates.

This is shown in the teaching guide on industrial automation, which Zucchetti Spain has just launched:

"New technologies promote a new manufacturing model based on effective demand forecasting [...] This new production system allows industries to stop being large stores with complex processes and little capacity to resist changes in the demand [...] and become smart factories".

Through the implementation of an industrial ERP solution, companies can successfully address this transformation. The result results in improved planning of production lines and, consequently, better results at an operational and financial level.

Vertical ERP software, a springboard to improve industry competitiveness

As reflected in the new teaching guide launched by Zucchetti, the needs of each industry are different.

Thus, for example, in the complex automotive industry there is a need to optimize logistics costs and manufacturing times to achieve optimal results. The control provided by management software such as Solmicro ERP Industrial for the integration of processes helps achieve objectives. In this way, the challenge of effective supply chain management can be addressed and the automation of processes in each of the production stages can be delved into, from the manufacturing and design of parts to assembly through industrial robotics. .

This reality is also observed in the machining industry sector. ERP software solutions with Business Intelligence such as Solmicro ERP Industrial also reflect the importance of carrying out a correct predictive analysis of demand, avoiding overproduction. On the other hand, they facilitate the integration between the product design area with CAD/CAM tools and production planning. Industries thus achieve effective cost control, facilitate workflows and avoid cost overruns.

Finally, Zucchetti Spain addresses in the guide the needs of the machine tool industry, where it is necessary to handle a high volume of raw materials and components. Controlling traceability is key in this sector to prevent inefficiencies and control production. ERP is presented as the best solution to adapt to changing demand.

"The only way to maintain production growth and profitability in a heavily exporting sector such as machine tool manufacturing is through advanced ERP software, which has Business Intelligence tools that facilitate financial analysis, forecasting sales and future demand.

Technological innovation for a smart industry

Automation involves implementing new technologies. These can improve productivity in all areas of the business, from administration to manufacturing. But the most important thing is that they facilitate decision making, the integration of processes and communication between the different areas of the industry.

In this way, today, thanks to technologies such as the Internet of Things, Big Data, Industrial Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, we are already talking about smart factories, which provide data in real time and allow the development of more profitable production strategies. , efficient and competitive.

This technological transformation must be accompanied by a corporate cultural change that understands the implications of industrial automation. Along these lines, the role of a technological partner like Zucchetti Spain is essential to maintain constant technological surveillance and provide software solutions that help technological evolution and innovation in the company.

About the Zucchetti Group

With more than 40 years of history, a turnover of 1,300 million euros in 2022 (proforma), more than 700,000 customers, 8,000 employees, 1,650 distributors in Italy and another 350 internationally, the Zucchetti Group is one of the main manufacturers of software in Europe and the first Italian software company since 2006 (Top 5 IT ranking by IDC Italy), with HR management solutions. HR, ERP-CRM, robotics, POS solutions for hospitality and retail, automation, Internet of Things, M2M and access control and video surveillance systems.

It is present in more than 30 cities in Italy and 15 countries, with offices in France, Germany, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, United Kingdom, USA, Austria, Bulgaria, Mexico, Poland, Canada, United Arab Emirates and China, an expansion project in constant growth.

Zucchetti in Spain

The Zucchetti Group is present in Spain through Zucchetti Spain. With more than 35 years of experience, it is a point of reference in the national IT sector, with 300 employees and a partner channel made up of 300 certified professionals, a turnover of 22 million euros in 2023 and more than 4,000 clients.

Its catalog of technological solutions is the widest on the market, adding to those developed in Spain, the portfolio of software and hardware solutions of the Zucchetti Group. Their ERP-CRM, MES, BI, production scheduling and planning business management software solutions stand out; HR management HR, payroll, mobility and work spaces; POS software for the HORECA channel and retail trade, software for consulting and office management and cybersecurity solutions.

Zucchetti Spain maintains a firm commitment to innovation, with local R&D centers, the support of 2,000 experts in this area of ​​the Zucchetti Group, and important recognitions: in 2023, "Best Business Management Software Award" (XXIII Byte TI Awards); in 2022, "Innovation Award" (XXXIII Leaders Awards for Business Excellence); and in 2021 “Innovation Award in Software Development” (European Association of Economy and Competitiveness).


Contact name: Joseba Fínez

Contact description: Marketing Director of Zucchetti Spain

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