RELEASE: 2btube, from representing influencers to turning brands into influencers

Madrid, August 4, 2023.

RELEASE: 2btube, from representing influencers to turning brands into influencers

Madrid, August 4, 2023.- Social networks have become a fundamental communication channel for brands and users value their presence on them. According to data from IAB Spain, 43% of users follow brands and they do so to be informed, entertained and inspired. However, it is evident that the power of influencers in them is undeniable, since the same study shows that 82% of young people between 12 and 17 years old, and 73% between 18 and 24 years old, actively follow them.

Faced with this challenge of equalizing the reach of influencers or content creators among the younger audience, 2btube, an agency specialized in influencers and content production, enters the scene.

The company, which was born in 2014 with the aim of professionalizing influencer marketing, affirms that one of the keys for brands to connect with new audiences on social networks is through the creation of video content, following the trending formats. , the codes, language and production style that users consume on those platforms. With this, brands can also become influential profiles, reaching their community in a close way and strengthening their identity.

In its strategies for brands, 2btube applies the actions that have led to the success of dozens of content creators under its management; transferring their experience as industry pioneers to clients looking to create more authentic and meaningful experiences with their audience.

“Transforming a brand into an influencer implies giving it a personality, a voice and a unique identity that connects emotionally with the public; and the audiovisual format is perfect for it”, explains Fabienne Fourquet, CEO of 2btube. “We design content strategies that work among young audiences, we have our own production company to take care of the entire video creation process and, as we are partners with all social networks and work with hundreds of influencers, we are up to date with all the news in the digital content sector”.

Currently, vertical and direct video are the kings of all social networks; so that humanization, strategy and production of audiovisual content has become a necessity. 2btube is already working with brands to create videos for their TikTok, Twitch or Instagram profiles; It has positioned itself as a benchmark in new formats such as Live Shopping and is using AI to support the optimization and personalization of content, enriching its strategies and reducing time.

Among the most outstanding success stories that support the expertise of this agency in branded content is the Playstation Spain channel, which went from 30,000 subscribers to over a million and a half. Another example is the content they produce for Mahou Cinco Estrellas in football: entertainment videos with influencers on this topic along with others focused on their sponsorship of the Kings League.

In short, the era when simply having a presence on social media was enough is long gone. Influence is now the most valued currency and turning a brand into an influencer is an essential strategy to consolidate its long-term success. Betting on the audiovisual format, humanizing the brand and producing creative content, in line with trends and connecting with the digital audience, are the keys to achieving this, according to 2btube.

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