RELEASE: 46,500 unique patients and 169,000 clinical actions close a year of success for Dental Institutes

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: 46,500 unique patients and 169,000 clinical actions close a year of success for Dental Institutes

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Barcelona, ​​January 15, 2024.- With 46,500 unique patients and a total of 169,000 clinical procedures performed, the 37 dental clinics of Dental Institutes have completed a year of growth that, at an economic level, translates into 10% more volume of business compared to 2022. The number of patients has increased by more than 12%, while clinical acts have increased by almost 17%.

The opening of three new clinics—Reus, Pamplona and Zaragoza Centro—and the improvement of patient care, thanks to the development of a digitalization plan, the incorporation of new providers and the expansion of the treatment catalog, with the focus in prevention and aesthetics, have allowed us to achieve the objectives set and set the path to follow during 2024.

The general director of IO, Roger Sobrepera, highlights that 2023 "has brought us good news, as we have consolidated the growth trend that we had in 2022 and that has allowed us to continue modernizing our facilities, incorporate new treatments, open new clinics and, above all, "Everything, continue building loyalty and attracting talented professionals so that our patients have the best possible service." The good results obtained make him optimistic for the new year. "We want to maintain the line started in 2021 and we hope to have a presence in new territories of the country, with the aim that new patients enjoy our way of seeing dentistry."

Thus, the main challenges for 2024 focus on opening a similar number of clinics to that registered during 2023 and continuing to deepen the complete digitalization of the business to offer the best service to patients.

Among the treatments carried out in the IO clinics, compared to 2022, the increase of almost 25% in orthodontics and implantology stands out, as well as the boom in aesthetics, especially in relation to dental facets or veneers. This trend has benefited from the incorporation of new technology that is more comfortable for the patient, as it reduces the number of visits, and allows each piece to be manufactured more accurately.

About Dental Institutes

Dental Institutes has 37 thirty dental clinics distributed in Catalonia, Zaragoza, Madrid, Pamplona, ​​Valencia and Castellón, which since 1988 have served more than a million people. Its objective is to improve the quality of life of patients through prevention and the application of dentistry with ethics and quality of care.

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