RELEASE: Aiper: 5 keys to a more sustainable garden and pool in spring

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RELEASE: Aiper: 5 keys to a more sustainable garden and pool in spring

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, March 25

Good planning and correct management of natural resources allow for maximization of savings for a more sustainable garden. A pool cleaning robot like Aiper Scuba S1 or a smart lawnmower like Aiper Horizon U1 will be the best allies to take care of the garden

With the beginning of spring and good weather, gardens and pools become protagonists. Although they must be cared for throughout the year, now it is more important than ever to have them ready. Aiper, experts in garden care, share the five key issues to take into account to keep the garden and pool perfect throughout the season. Temporality must be taken into account. Spring is the ideal time to plant and sow, since that the soil still retains winter moisture and temperatures are milder. Before starting maintenance tasks, take advantage of this temporary window to plan which plants to introduce and where to place them in the garden, taking into account their specific needs for sunlight and water. Save (and reuse) water resources At a time when Since drought is the order of the day in almost all parts of the country, it is crucial to adopt water conservation practices. Consideration should be given to installing drip irrigation systems that minimize water waste, as well as reusing rainwater through collection systems. In addition, you must opt ​​for native and drought-resistant plants, which require less irrigation and maintain local biodiversity. Lighting, yes (but sustainable) Garden lighting is one of the elements to take into account to create a cozy atmosphere. Although there are a variety of options to choose from (recessed floor lights, wall lights or ambient lights), you can take advantage of the daylight hours. By installing smart LED projectors (which use sunlight and turn on when there is no light) you will save money and be more sustainable. For the pool you can opt for underwater lights and create a very striking visual effect. Pool always ready With good weather and heat, the pool becomes the favorite place in the house. To always keep it ready, a pool cleaning robot can be your best ally. A very good option is the Aiper Scuba S1, the brand's flagship product, which includes four cleaning modes: floor, wall and wall plus floor, as well as a new ecological mode for periodic cleaning every 48 hours, which guarantees a appropriate cleaning for each need. We must not forget the grass. The grass in the garden is a key element that will attract all the attention of the guests. So that it is always impeccable, Aiper has just introduced the device that helps effortlessly maintain even the most neglected lawns: the Horizon U1. This robot has an elegant, lightweight, compact and cable-free design, and is optimized to automatically cut all types of grass in gardens up to 30,000 square feet.

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