RELEASE: Anviz presents IntelliSight, a cloud-based distributed video surveillance solution

- Anviz introduces IntelliSight, a cloud-based distributed video surveillance solution that promises greater simplicity, security and accessibility.

RELEASE: Anviz presents IntelliSight, a cloud-based distributed video surveillance solution

- Anviz introduces IntelliSight, a cloud-based distributed video surveillance solution that promises greater simplicity, security and accessibility

UNION CITY, California, July 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Anviz, a leading provider of converged and professional intelligent security solutions, recently announced the launch of IntelliSight, its latest video surveillance offering that harnesses the power of distributed cloud and 4G technology to create an all-in-one security solution that offers unmatched versatility, security and data analytics capabilities. Now, the user can enjoy one year of free cloud storage (7-day event-based video retention).

Anviz's IntelliSight cloud video surveillance management solution combines Anviz's proprietary cloud-based distributed video surveillance management platform with its iCam series artificial intelligence (AI) cameras to offer customers complete and flexible surveillance performance. Equipped with best-in-class video classification and analytics, the solution is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized businesses in a variety of industries, including logistics, education, healthcare, and retail.

"The birth of the IntelliSight solution marks a milestone in our years of efforts to bring reliable and versatile security systems to users around the world," said Mike, IntelliSight product manager. "We believe the solution, built on our industry-leading security solutions that have proven their success in the global marketplace, will fill the market gap where customers are looking for a cloud-based, all-in-one video surveillance system that can safeguard their properties without adding unnecessary costs to their budgets."

Easy implementation and scalability

The IntelliSight solution greatly benefits small to medium business installations by eliminating the need for complex on-site redundant hardware traditionally used to set up a CCTV system, streamlining deployment steps and keeping costs to users to a minimum. While customers can simply connect the cameras directly to the Internet for effortless, fail-safe surveillance, the solution also allows them to easily scale their surveillance system without the additional process of installing and debugging network and storage devices.

Immediate access from mobile devices

IntelliSight's cloud-based architecture allows users to easily access the surveillance system from anywhere at any time. Through the Internet and the efficient P2P transmission protocol developed by Anviz, users have the option to view real-time video monitoring and manage devices at home and in the office without any restrictions, along with a specially designed mobile that enables effortless remote access and control on the go, keeping users connected 24/7 and providing peace of mind with greater convenience and easier operation.

Expanded storage with cloud data backup

IntelliSight allows users to store important event footage securely on cloud servers that offer flexible and expandable storage options, eliminating the need to install additional hardware for media data. In addition, IntelliSight's cloud-based storage reduces the risk of data loss in the event of local device failure, with features such as data redundancy and disaster recovery offering added assurance of data security.

Advanced video analysis with AI

Leveraging the state-of-the-art AI capabilities of Anviz surveillance cameras, the IntelliSight system can offer advanced data analysis features to greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of security systems. The intelligent functions of the systems can identify and classify suspicious activity, categorize objects and provide critical and timely information that allows users to quickly identify and respond to potential risks, streamlining their security operations while providing comprehensive protection of their assets.

"One of the biggest differentiators that sets Anviz apart from its competitors is the technological and architectural advantages of its product, which also allows us to pioneer the development of a new generation of security systems powered by AIoT and cloud technology. After being encouraged by early adopters of the IntelliSight solution, who have stated that it has exceeded their expectations in terms of cost, quality and simplicity, we hope that this solution will pave the way for our market entry. which is another stepping stone into the $30 billion global market for surveillance systems," added Mike.

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