RELEASE: Appian Announces "Insight to Action" Process Mining Program

Fixed fee commitment to process optimization creates recurring savings.

RELEASE: Appian Announces "Insight to Action" Process Mining Program

Fixed fee commitment to process optimization creates recurring savings

MADRID, May 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Appian [Nasdaq: APPN] today announced the "Insight to Action" program for process mining. The program accelerates the value of process mining initiatives by providing mine preparation, analysis, and service hours to implement process improvements, all for a single flat fee.

Process mining allows organizations to discover bottlenecks and other inefficiencies in business processes. Most process mining technologies present obstacles that prevent organizations from realizing real value. Data governance (both security and quality) is a major concern, as is the data expertise required, the fact that mining results can be difficult to interpret, and the fact that most Process mining is often disconnected from the automation technologies needed to implement improvements.

"Process mining initiatives face a common set of challenges," said Pavel Zamudio, Appian's director of customer support. "These include selecting and mapping the right process, proper data preparation, accurate interpretation of results, and implementing recommended changes to operational workflows. Our Insight to Action program is designed to eliminate all that complexity so our customers can quickly see the value of Appian process mining."

Appian process mining makes it simple to uncover process inefficiencies, check compliance to detect non-compliant activity, and perform automated root cause analysis to identify patterns and explain undesired process behavior. Appian unifies process mining with automation on a single, low-code platform, making it easy to implement changes and continuously improve processes. All of this is backed by Appian's data fabric, which enables data unification across the enterprise in a highly secure manner without complex data management.

Unlocking the value of process mining

The new Insight to Action program helps organizations quickly unlock the value of process mining. In the Insight phase, Appian will perform the data evaluation and transformation necessary to identify and prepare a process for mining, complete the mining analysis, and provide a report of results with recommendations. During the action phase, Appian will create a project plan that addresses the findings, design an optimized workflow, implement the new process, and then rerun process mining to validate the improvement. Specifically, this includes:

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