RELEASE: Artificial Intelligence could revolutionize the world of energy drinks: it has not only created the perfect recipe

Hungarian worldwide sensation.

RELEASE: Artificial Intelligence could revolutionize the world of energy drinks: it has not only created the perfect recipe

Hungarian worldwide sensation

BUDAPEST, Hungary, July 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The world's first energy drink developed entirely by AI (Artificial Intelligence) in collaboration with HELL ENERGY has been born. Every element of the new flavor, its carefully selected ingredients, its design and its marketing tools have been conceived and tested by Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence can process the incredible amount of information and knowledge on the web at a speed almost unimaginable for us humans. He also has in-depth knowledge about energy drinks - including their ingredients, sales results, health research, recommendations, consumer opinions - and can incorporate the latest trends and information into his analysis.

When HELL ENERGY commissioned the AI ​​to develop a perfect new energy drink, the AI ​​processed this vast amount of information to create the ideal recipe based on its knowledge. The AI ​​didn't just consider what people expect from an energy drink, but their goal was to create a better, tastier drink.

And so AI, as the most intelligent entity in the world today, has created what it believes to be the perfect recipe. Among other things, he enriched his energy drink with vitamins, amino acids and herbs, ensuring compliance and optimization of food legislation, such as the recommendations of the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and the VRN (recommended daily intake).

The AI ​​created three flavor variants and, with the help of technology from a New York company, through digitization, tasted the three drinks, and then using predictive intelligence, chose the winner after analyzing a large amount of data and statistics. This is how a truly unique, refreshing and fruity flavor was born: Tutti-frutti.

The recipe is top secret, and has been patented at the suggestion of the same AI. The recipe is stored in a single high-security computer at the HELL ENERGY factory in Sikszo, and the room where this computer is located has also been designed by artificial intelligence. Of course, without a backup there is no real protection, so the recipe is also kept in a safe in Switzerland.

After all this, we would be surprised if the packaging of the new energy drink was not designed by AI. The packaging follows the latest trends, is youthful and fresh, and in addition to being based on the traditional HELL color scheme, the AI ​​has added its own digital flair.

Since the new product "HELL A.I." is truly the result of an extraordinary and unique process, the company wanted the new energy drink to be tested in the traditional way as well, so it underwent rigorous quality control and tasting (blind test). Success proved AI right!

AI also opens up enormous prospects for product development, breaking down previously unimaginable boundaries and bringing a new level to the food industry. By being able to sort and analyze the huge amount of data available on the Internet in a few minutes or seconds, artificial intelligence shortens the development cycle of a product from 1-2 years - or, at most, half a year - to just 1 month. In fact, the process is the result of a concerted effort, as not one, but different artificial intelligence systems with different capabilities have collaborated on the development. There are more than a hundred AIs in the world - all of them excellent in different fields - and it is precisely their combined action that guarantees a high level of innovation.

The new product will be manufactured in Szikszó, on one of the most modern beverage production lines in Europe, and will reach customers through the already established traditional channels. Starting in mid-July, HELL will be available in our country and, later, in the more than 60 countries where we export.

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