RELEASE: Avanza grows 180 percent in the last two years and expects to close 2023 with more than 200,000 services

Madrid, July 5.

RELEASE: Avanza grows 180 percent in the last two years and expects to close 2023 with more than 200,000 services

Madrid, July 5

The operator expects to open between six and ten more stores before the end of the year. In addition, during 2023 Avanza Fibra has made the leap to the provinces of Granada and Cuenca

The AVANZA FIBRA brand is consolidated in the telecommunications sector after three turbulent years of world economy in which only those who have opted for quality have managed to survive. And this is the case of AVANZA which, from June 2021 to June 2023, has grown 180 percent in turnover with the opening of thirteen more stores during the same period, going from 49 two years ago to the 62 it now has. open."Creating an internet operator from scratch means that the first years are of very cautious growth, because it is not about deploying a network and opening a store to sell services to the public, but rather about consolidating the brand through proximity , reliability and stability in all its processes, so that the client (who has a wide range of possibilities to choose from), decides to trust us and purchase our products", according to the words of David de Gea, CEO of the double company of deployment and commercialization. With these data and always taking into account the new general business situation after the COVID crisis and the changes that take place in the national operators (which are the ones that determine the movements of this market), AVANZA is committed to continuing to grow. "We believe that this is the safe job to finish establishing ourselves not only in eastern Spain, but also in other provinces where the market is already asking for a product like ours, differentiated from the rest in that we open our own stores, with salespeople and technicians on staff This has nothing to do with the operators that work throughout the Spanish territory, since they only sell through third parties through distributors and large call centers that do not have control of the service they offer", says De Gea. The forecasts to end this 2023 are to deploy new networks and open between six and ten more stores, counting on the jump to towns in the provinces of Cuenca and Granada, with a forecast of closing it with a total growth of close to 200 percent and more. of 200,000 active services. "It is ambitious, but we have the best team: a total of more than 250 people between our own and external staff, who are perfectly prepared for what is to come," admits De Gea. GRUPO AVANZA, an internet operator and telecommunications engineering specialized in deployment of Fiber Optic, currently has coverage of more than 90 own FTTH networks in Madrid, Almería, Murcia, Alicante, Valencia, Cuenca, Granada and Albacete, and 62 direct sales stores with its AVANZA FIBRA brand.

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