RELEASE: Bosch EasyControl offers personalized temperature control in every corner of the home

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RELEASE: Bosch EasyControl offers personalized temperature control in every corner of the home

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This smart controller guarantees the optimal temperature in each room of the home, to ensure maximum comfort. And the Bosch EasyControl CT200 controller, together with the Smart intelligent thermostatic valves, allows you to reduce energy consumption by up to 25%.

With the arrival of Christmas, the coldest and most festive season of the year, it is essential to ensure comfort in days when homes will become the family meeting point. For this reason, Junkers Bosch, a leading brand in the development of heating systems, is committed to offering an intelligent system that guarantees the optimal temperature in each room.

And, given the recent drops in temperatures, solutions such as the Easy Control CT200 controller, as well as the Bosch Smart thermostatic valves, are the ideal choice for conventional heating systems. These solutions allow you to zone the temperature and select the one that is most appropriate at all times, but they not only provide high comfort, but also save energy.

Savings and personalized temperature control

The combination of the Bosch EasyControl CT200, an innovative controller that can recognize the home temperature using GPS through the smartphone, as well as program the heating together with the Smart valves, an intelligent control system that can be adapted to any home. Furthermore, thanks to its automatic control, it sends notifications in the event of any type of incident.

This controller has Wi-Fi connectivity, which together with the Bosch EasyControl app offers personalized settings, which guarantee an intelligent ecosystem and demonstrate the brand's commitment to the development of sustainable solutions, at the forefront of home automation. Examples of this are the self-learning function, its presence control and its easy installation.

Flexibility and optimization of temperature control

In addition to providing a personalized temperature in different spaces, the EasyControl CT200 controller offers the possibility of customizing each room, ensuring comfort adapted to the specific needs of each corner of the home. Furthermore, its installation is quick and direct, allowing you to enjoy advanced technology without complications.

With these new features, Junkers Bosch reaffirms its commitment to intelligent heating solutions, offering comfort and efficiency, by adapting to the specific needs of each home. In this sense, the controller reduces consumption by up to 25%, allowing an increase in energy efficiency of an additional 4%. Likewise, Smart valves allow the personalization of the temperature, adapting to the needs of each corner of the home, further increasing energy efficiency by up to 5%. In short, Junkers Bosch shows its commitment to intelligent solutions, ensuring comfort this Christmas in all homes.

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