RELEASE: Continued innovation in the IP domain, driving new growth for the operator

PARIS, April 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- During the MPLS SD Congress.

RELEASE: Continued innovation in the IP domain, driving new growth for the operator

PARIS, April 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- During the MPLS SD Congress

In keeping with the development trend of the industry, Omdia senior analyst Sameer Malik pointed out that with the large-scale deployment of 5G and gigabit home broadband around the world and the acceleration of the industry's digital transformation , operators' IP transport networks need to not only increase bandwidth, but also provide intelligent connections to transport multiple services with differentiated SLA guarantee. This, together with the advantages of the network, will allow operators to expand B2B services.

Regarding the network architecture, Gu Rui, vice president of Huawei's data communication product line, referred to the future-oriented IP destination network architecture. He explained that this architecture features ultra-broadband, full-service transport, high automation, one-stop services, and green design. Technologies like Wi-Fi 7, 800GE, and orthogonal architecture help build ultra-broadband infrastructure networks to meet the requirements of the best user experience. An all-in-one hardware platform and network partition meet the requirements of converged transport and provide differentiated SLA assurance. High automation based on SRv6 and digital network map is enabled. It provides comprehensive services for B2B clients based on private IP lines of operators with digitally managed network. In addition, energy-saving and emission-reducing innovations at the equipment, network, and operational levels help build green IP networks and ensure sustainable network development.

Regarding the evolution of the protocol, Huawei IP protocol expert Robin Li said that SRv6 is one of the best protocols for IP network evolution. SRv6 standards and technologies are becoming more and more mature. More than 160 networks have been deployed with SRv6 around the world, and deployments are increasing. Carsten Rossenhövel, Co-Founder and CTO of the European Advanced Network Testing Center (EANTC), presented the results of the SRv6 multi-vendor interoperability test in 2023. A total of eight major vendors participated in the test, including Huawei. SRv6 test cases cover all scenarios, including basic routing protocols, SRv6 policy, header compression, reliability, and OAM. In the past six years, more and more vendors have participated in SRv6 interoperability testing, and application scenarios have been fully verified.

In terms of automation, IETF Internet Architecture Board member Wu Qin said that the era of autonomous networks (ANs) has arrived. AN technologies are developing towards network programmability and openness, decoupling between service definition and implementation, network digitization, intelligent management and other key directions. Telemetry-based digital network map provides network visualization from dimensions such as infrastructure, networks, segments, routes, services and applications. It also allows verification of configuration intent simulation and traffic optimization. This helps operators to better manage physical networks with digital capabilities.

For operators' B2B services, Wen Huizhi, Chief Solution Architect of Huawei's Data Communication Production Line, shed light on architecture design and solutions for digital managed network services. Operators must design across five domains, including physical networks, user networks, O&M, security, and services, and provide NaaS capabilities to meet requirements for differentiated assurance, cross-domain collaboration, all-scenario protection, and O& maintenance at the tenant level.

Finally, Zuo Meng, vice president of Huawei's data communications product line, said Huawei is ready to work with operators and industry partners to promote the evolution of IP destination networks, build better ultra-broadband IP networks convergent technologies, explore new business scenarios, services and models, and accelerate the digital transformation of the industry, thereby helping clients achieve business success and drive new growth.

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