RELEASE: Gallup and Radiant Foundation: report on spirituality as a tool to support mental health

-Gallup Partners with Radiant Foundation on New Global Report on Spirituality as a Tool to Support Mental Health.

RELEASE: Gallup and Radiant Foundation: report on spirituality as a tool to support mental health

-Gallup Partners with Radiant Foundation on New Global Report on Spirituality as a Tool to Support Mental Health

The Gallup-led meta-analysis establishes a new framework for understanding the strong link between spirituality and religion and improved global well-being from 10 years of World Poll data.

LONDON, Oct. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- In the run-up to World Mental Health Day, the Faith Initiative

Among global findings, those who say religion is important to them are more likely to be civically engaged, according to the Gallup Civic Engagement Index. This index assesses people's inclination to volunteer their time and help to others. Additionally, approximately 100 million more people who identify as religious have others to whom they can turn in times of need than if they were not religious. According to the report's Positive Experience Index, an estimated 160 million more adults around the world have positive experiences than would have if those adults were not religious.

As part of the research, Gallup reviewed existing literature and conducted in-depth interviews with leaders in the field to develop a new framework that identifies five key factors of spirituality that positively impact well-being: 1) Positive coping and a sense of purpose in the life. 2) Social connections based on faith. 3) Community and civic commitment. 4) Structural stability. 5) Support in the workplace for comprehensive well-being.

"As you develop your support network and make active efforts to support others, it comes back to you, that's how the world is structured. If you care about others in a non-selfish way, in an unconditional way, you provide stability in your own life," said Harold Koenig, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Duke University School of Medicine. "Religion is available to anyone at any time, regardless of their economic, social, physical or mental circumstances."

"We are facing a global mental health crisis and we cannot afford to overlook any aspect of life or activity that can improve well-being," said Aaron Sherinian, CEO of the Radiant Foundation. "Until recently, most data of this type asked only elementary questions about spiritual practice. This broader measure will help us truly understand how factors of faith and spirituality can strengthen mental health. This study provides us a new framework for how those factors are connected and a more nuanced and comprehensive understanding of religious observance, spirituality and well-being.”

While the studies and analyzes detailed in the report illustrate that there is often a positive relationship between spirituality and well-being, the relationship is complex. An analysis of 2012-2022 Gallup World Poll data shows that spirituality and various well-being outcomes differ widely globally. In general, religious people tend to score higher on Gallup's Positive Experience Index than non-religious people, as well as on their Social Life, Community Basics, and Optimism indices. This positive effect for religious people is compounded when they live in more religious countries.

"While the connection between religion, spirituality and well-being is widely recognized, there are still unexplored territories that require further investigation," said Ilana Ron-Levey, CEO of Gallup. "Many people may not fully appreciate the positive impact that spiritual life and practices can have on their physical and mental well-being, and this study further reveals the complex interplay between spirituality and well-being across countries and regions." .

The report also raises the question of how workplaces could incorporate elements of spirituality into employee wellness programs, given the recent U.S. Bankruptcy report. Surgeon General emphasizing the importance of workplaces focusing on employee well-being.

"One of the new 'hot topics' employers are grappling with is how to respond to the faith at work movement, where employees of all traditions increasingly want to bring their whole selves to work, including their spiritual identity." "said David Miller, Ph.D., director of the Faith Initiative

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