RELEASE: Gastro Navidad: a festival of flavors and music in the heart of Tenerife

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RELEASE: Gastro Navidad: a festival of flavors and music in the heart of Tenerife

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Santa Cruz de Tenerifre, December 27, 2023.

The Plaza de España is transformed into a gastronomic and entertainment paradise with the addition of an ice rink and live concerts

The city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife announces the opening of the Christmas Market Gastro Navidad Market Fest, which will take place in the Plaza de España from December 15 to January 7. This annual event has established itself as a major gathering point for residents and visitors during the holiday season. This year's market will feature a host of new attractions and activities, designed to appeal to a wide and diverse audience. Among the new features are several food stalls that will offer a selection of local and international dishes, as well as a variety of crafts and typical seasonal products. A key component of the Gastro Navidad Market Fest is the musical programming, with concerts by renowned bands such as Corridor Effect and Social Security, along with other groups. These events are designed to provide quality entertainment to attendees and enrich the overall festival experience. This event is an opportunity to enjoy the cultural and gastronomic offering of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in a festive environment. The public is invited to visit the Christmas Market and experience the diversity of activities and products available. Gastro Navidad Market Fest is not only a celebration of food and music, but also a meeting point for the Tenerife community. Families, friends and visitors of all ages and tourists will find something special at this unique event. For more information about Gastronavidad, including activity schedules and additional details, you can visit the website: Collaborators: Government of the Canary Islands, Latitude of Life Canary Islands, ICDC, Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council. Project "funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU" by the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism through the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

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