RELEASE: Global car rental prices around 34% cheaper this summer

According to KAYAK search data, the price of car rentals in Spain has dropped almost 40% on KAYAK.

RELEASE: Global car rental prices around 34% cheaper this summer

According to KAYAK search data, the price of car rentals in Spain has dropped almost 40% on compared to last summer.

Madrid, July 14, 2023.- At this time of the year, every traveler knows that if he wants to take a flight this summer to any destination in the world, without allocating a large part of his budget only to plane tickets, he will have to dedicate more time than last year to research and compare prices. In a recent study carried out by KAYAK, more than half of Spanish travelers say that escaping from the routine is one of the reasons that best describes their reasons for traveling*. The study also revealed that 86% of respondents think that traveling gives them a new perspective on the world. And despite rising costs almost everywhere, there are affordable ways to break the routine and gain new perspectives when it comes to traveling to a destination, or getting around once there. According to KAYAK data. es, the world's leading travel search engine, renting a car this summer is around 34% cheaper globally than last year. In the case of Spain, the drop in the price of car rentals reaches almost 40%**. Natalia Díez-Rivas, commercial director of KAYAK for Europe, affirms: "after cutting their fleets during the pandemic, car companies car rental have prepared very well to cope with the demand this year, which has led to a drop in prices this summer from last year which, for travelers, is very welcome considering the prices of other modes of transport". KAYAK reveals that the average price to rent a car in Spain this summer is around €40 per day; In European and long-haul destinations, travelers can rent a car for an average price of around €59 and €52 per day, respectively. European destinations with rental cars for less than €50 per day These are the ten European countries with the cheapest rental cars and the average rental price per day. With a decrease of almost 40%, Spain is, after Ireland (around -48%) and Croatia (around -44%), the third European country where car rental prices have fallen the most this summer in compared to summer 2022.Country Average rental price per day**1. Malt (€21)2. Poland (€28)3. Bulgaria (€34)4. Cyprus (€34)5. Romania (€38)6. Serbian (€39)7. Spain (€40)8. Lithuania (€43)9. Croatia (€46) Natalia Díez-Rivas, KAYAK's Sales Director for Europe, says: "Renting a car to discover a new destination and get out of the daily routine is a great way to both enjoy the destination with the flexibility that a car offers In addition, to help travelers who choose to take a car trip calculate the cost of their trips, KAYAK has tools such as the Road Trip Calculator, which allows the traveler to know the total cost of a trip by car, including fuel costs as well as any other rental charges. * Study of 1,006 Spanish adults between the ages of 18 and 75 conducted by Norstat on behalf of KAYAK. Data collection took place between May 16 and 25, 2023 through an online survey.** Based on car searches carried out on and associated sites in the period between 01.01.2023 and 05.30.2023 for travel between 06.01.2023 and 09.31.2023, compared to the same periods in 2022. All prices are average prices for a rental car per day. Prices may change and savings cannot be guaranteed. Percentages are approximate.*** Images provided by KAYAK may only be included in content related to this press release.About KAYAK - UK KAYAK, part of Booking Holdings (NASDAQ: BKNG), is the leading travel search engine in the world. With billions of inquiries across their platforms, they help people find their perfect flight, stay, rental car and vacation package. They also help business travelers with their corporate travel solution. Issuer: KAYAK - ES

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