RELEASE: Hennessy and Nas team up to celebrate 50th anniversary with a limited-edition bottle

- The Legacy of Hip-Hop: Hennessy and Nas Team Up to Celebrate 50th Anniversary with Limited-Edition Bottle and Global Experiences.

RELEASE: Hennessy and Nas team up to celebrate 50th anniversary with a limited-edition bottle

- The Legacy of Hip-Hop: Hennessy and Nas Team Up to Celebrate 50th Anniversary with Limited-Edition Bottle and Global Experiences

The Queens king of hip hop, who has professed his intrinsic love for Hennessy in countless lyrical toasts throughout his three-decade career, joins forces with the iconic cognac brand to celebrate the anniversary of the art on a global scale.

NEW YORK, June 27, 2023/PRNewswire/ -- Hennessy, the world's leading cognac brand and one of the most talked about in Hip-Hop, collaborates with Grammy Award-winning rap legend Nas to launch a limited-edition bottle of Hennessy V.S in celebration of the musical style's 50th anniversary. A collection of unique designs that pays homage to the past, present and future of the genre and its undeniable cultural impact that permeates the entire world. Additionally, the commemoration highlights Hennessy's rightful connection to the community, a rich mix of those who pioneered and shaped the art form as we know it and the hipster new guard who continue to raise the bar.

RAPD ICONSince the prolific 1994 debut of his first album Illmatic at just 20 years old, Nas set a new standard for becoming a Hip-Hop fixture. Born in Queens, New York, his compelling and poetic first-person account of inner-city youth life challenged the violent and misogynistic stereotypes of the time. Known for his rasping voice, complex rhythmic patterns, clever wordplay and storytelling abilities, the groundbreaking rapper is one of the most respected and influential musicians of all time. Throughout his career, he has recorded fifteen critically acclaimed studio albums, ten of which are certified gold, platinum or multi-platinum, and has sold more than thirteen million records in all.

TIMING IS EVERYTHING Born just a month after Hip-Hop's designated birthday, Nas came of age in a time of change, witnessing first-hand the raw evolution of the genre in its purest form. During those humble beginnings, Hennessy was embraced and achieved iconic status in burgeoning inner-city hip-hop poet circles. While other brands initially distanced themselves, Hennessy genuinely supported and strengthened her bond with her burgeoning revolutionary new tribe. As a result, today, the brand remains one of the most lyrically referenced alcohol brands in Hip-Hop, with mentions in more than 2,500 songs.

THE ORIGINAL SPIRIT OF HIP HOP"Hip-Hop, you are the vibration of the people. You never stop, you never settle. You are poetry in rhythms, people who take to the streets. You are rhythm, art and movement", Nas reflects in a ode to Hip Hop written especially for this collaboration. "Through your reflection, we can see where we've been, where we are, and where we're going."

Commenting on the collaboration, Nas explained: "It's an honor to collaborate with Hennessy to commemorate this artistic moment. Hip-hop has always had a special connection to Hennessy, and I'm excited to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this culture with a brand and product that pay homage to its history and its impact."

"Hennessy has always had a strong connection to the music industry, particularly Hip-Hop," said Laurent Boillot, Hennessy's CEO. "Hennessy is truly the original spirit of Hip-Hop, which the culture embraced as a badge of success and good taste. As a brand, we are especially honored by this recognition. We stand by it and continually support the culture. To celebrate this heritage we will not we could have a better partner than Nas."

The limited-edition V.S bottle features a bold design that blends elements of Hip-Hop aesthetics with iconic Hennessy branding, a striking juxtaposition of timeless tradition and disarmingly unconventional certainty. Handwritten notes of a love letter to Hip-Hop penned by Nas are offset by vibrant orange accents (the artist's favorite color), resulting in a disruptive and seemingly spontaneous visual collage, anchored by a powerful black-and-white portrait of Nas. In an unexpected playful twist on the eponymous brand, "HenNASsy" appears all over the packaging, with subtle references to graffiti art, the New York flag and one of the artist's recent album artwork.

Hip-hop was born in the Bronx, New York, in 1973, when a young DJ threw a party at his community center. His innovative use of turntables and the "breakbeat" technique would influence generations of musicians and artists around the world, ultimately leading the underground movement into today's global phenomenon.

In addition to global event activations to celebrate this moment, Hennessy will also partner with leading Hip-Hop and Afrobeat festivals to further mark the celebration and create a unique and interactive Hennessy Hip Hop 50th experience to engage with talent and fans. fans from all over the world.

The limited edition Hennessy V.S bottle will be available in select stores and online from July 2023 and will be released in limited quantities. For more information on the commemorative bottle and how to participate in the celebrations, visit

ABOUT MAISON HENNESSYA leader in cognac, Maison Hennessy has shone around the world with its exceptional know-how for more than 250 years. Based on the spirit of conquest of its founder, Richard Hennessy, the brand is present in more than 160 countries. Based in the heart of the Charente region, Hennessy is also a strong pillar of the regional economy. The success and longevity of the house are rooted in the excellence of its cognacs, each of which is born from a unique process of passing on know-how from generation to generation. Hennessy, the first spirits house to obtain ISO 14001 certification, combines its capacity for innovation and the support of all its partners to protect this exceptional area. As the jewel in the crown of the LVMH Group, Hennessy is one of the main contributors to French international trade - with 99% of production sold for export - and a global ambassador of the French art of living.

ABOUT NAS The eternal poet and master of rhyme Nas released his first full-length album, Illmatic, in 1994. Nas released 14 more albums, 8 of which are multi-platinum and platinum, including: Nastradamus, Stillmatic, God's Son, and Street's Disciple. With 16 GRAMMY nominations, Nas released King's Disease in 2020, which gave him his first GRAMMY win for "Best Rap Album," and released King's Disease II, a follow-up to the GRAMMY-winning album, executive produced by Hit-Boy. and Gabriel "G Code" Zardes. Recently, Nas has published the third installment of the King's Disease series. King's Disease III was produced by Hit-Boy and executive produced by Nas and Hit-Boy. Legendary hip hop mogul, co-founder of Mass Appeal Records, actor and executive producer, Nas' extensive catalog speaks for itself.

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