RELEASE: "Oposita FP" trainers offer a trial month to all opponents for FP teacher

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: "Oposita FP" trainers offer a trial month to all opponents for FP teacher

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The Ministry of Education will call hundreds of places for Vocational Training teachers in the next two years in a historic call

Spain, August 28, 2023.- This increase in places for VT teachers is motivated, among other reasons, by the high demand for this type of training. More and more young Spaniards are opting for more practical, shorter training and with a higher rate of job placement. The data indicates that 22.3% of students chose this option in 2022.

This increase in demand, together with the retirement of current VT teachers and the scarcity of places announced in recent years, mean that the next ones will be record calls. And, therefore, one of the best moments to opt for one of these places.

Statistics indicate that three out of four Spaniards believe that if you work in the administration you live better, with the stability and conciliation that everyone seeks. And in the case of teachers, there is also an extra vacation along with a contained work schedule in relation to other public jobs.

This next boom in public employment in the field of professional training has led to a considerable increase in people interested in taking the opposition and, with it, options in the market to study. The oppositions are a long and complicated path, so knowing how to choose the right preparation can make the difference between success and failure.

And this is when Oposita FP emerged, born with the vision of "changing the training landscape for opponents of FP in Spain", according to its academic director, Óscar Trigueros. "At Oposita FP we are a group of more than 50 trainers with a vocation to change the training for opponents throughout Spain. All teachers are career civil servants and many of us have overcome the opposition in the first positions of our courts." This way of operating as trainers gives them "the possibility of working directly with the opponent and giving them personalized treatment, unlike a conventional academy."

Oposita FP operates at a national level online with live classes, proposing a methodology that allows students to prepare a personalized syllabus, carry out the practical assumptions of all the content blocks of the syllabus and receive follow-up, step by step, in the design of the didactic program and of the different work units, as well as their presentation in front of the court.

For their part, at Oposita FP they are so sure of the quality of their methodology that they offer the trial month of September "so that you can see for yourself the teaching methodology of Oposita FP. Without commitment and without prior payments of any kind. And If you don't continue, you pay nothing."

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