RELEASE: Plusgrade and European Sleeper announce their partnership to improve the railway experience

-Plusgrade and European Sleeper announce their partnership to improve passengers' rail experience with a premium upgrade solution.

RELEASE: Plusgrade and European Sleeper announce their partnership to improve the railway experience

-Plusgrade and European Sleeper announce their partnership to improve passengers' rail experience with a premium upgrade solution

MONTREAL, Oct. 4, 2023/PRNewswire/ -- Plusgrade, the global leader powering ancillary revenue solutions for the travel industry, is proud to announce a new partnership with European Sleeper, the Dutch-Belgian rail company revitalizing trains nights throughout Europe. Plusgrade's innovations will offer European Sleeper passengers the chance to bid for an upgrade to a sleeper or sleeper compartment, improving their night train experience and generating additional revenue for the business. The partnership was announced today in Vienna at the World Passenger Festival.

Passengers traveling on European Sleeper night trains will soon enjoy the opportunity to bid on upgrades, gaining access to higher cabin classes, the comfort of sleeper cabins, and other amenities. This easy-to-use feature suits all budgets, from cost-conscious travelers to those looking for more convenience.

Ancillary revenue and upgrades are of immense value to passenger rail brands and play a critical role in the sustainability and growth of rail travel. This revenue stream not only allows rail brands to invest in service improvements but also maintain competitive fares, ultimately enriching the overall travel experience while building passenger loyalty.

"We are delighted to partner with European Sleeper, who share our commitment to innovation and creating exceptional passenger travel," said Ken Harris, Founder and CEO of Plusgrade. “We are very proud to be a trusted partner and look forward to delivering innovative, revenue-generating solutions that we know European Sleeper and its travelers will love.”

Recognized as the most widely adopted next-generation revenue upgrade solution globally, Plusgrade's Upgrade solution integrates seamlessly with existing systems to boost high-margin ancillary revenue. Trusted by hundreds of airline, hotel, rail and cruise brands around the world, it has proven its ability to drive improvements in revenue and benefits for customers.

"Our goal is to create extraordinary and comfortable overnight rail experiences for every passenger who travels with us," said Elmer Van Buuren, co-founder of European Sleeper. “The introduction of this exciting new upgrade feature offers our passengers choice and flexibility, and an enhanced travel experience, as we proudly set new standards for the rail industry.”

In an era where travelers increasingly prioritize sustainability, convenience and immersive experiences, long-distance train travel has re-emerged as a compelling travel option. Rail operators are experiencing a resurgence in demand as travelers make decisions that are both efficient and environmentally responsible. This resurgence underlines the critical role of rail in shaping the future of sustainable and enjoyable travel.

As rail brands meet the changing needs of travelers, ancillary services that improve passenger comfort and generate revenue have become indispensable. European Sleeper and Plusgrade are prepared to offer exceptional rail experiences while optimizing occupancy rates in response to the growing demand for comfortable and memorable journeys.

About Plusgrade

Plusgrade powers the global travel industry with its portfolio of leading ancillary income solutions. More than 200 airlines, hospitality, cruise, passenger rail and financial services companies trust Plusgrade to create new and significant revenue streams through incredible customer experiences. As an ancillary revenue powerhouse, Plusgrade has generated billions of dollars in new revenue opportunities through its platform for its partners, while creating enhanced travel experiences for millions of its passengers and guests. Plusgrade was founded in 2009 with headquarters in Montreal and offices around the world.

About European Sleeper

European Sleeper is a Dutch-Belgian railway company dedicated to revitalizing night trains across Europe. At the forefront of the resurgence of overnight train travel, European Sleeper was co-founded by two passionate entrepreneurs, Elmer van Buuren and Chris Engelsman. His commitment to the renaissance of night trains brings together a wealth of invaluable knowledge and experience in this specialist field.

European Sleeper's mission is to foster connections between countries, regions, cities, people and companies across Europe. The inaugural journey of European Sleeper's night train service between Berlin and Brussels on May 25, 2023 marked the start of an ambitious plan. The company will expand its services to include Dresden and Prague in 2024, with the vision of establishing connections between Amsterdam and Barcelona by 2025.

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