RELEASE: Prosimo Hits the MCN Market by Making Multi-Cloud Connectivity Free (2)

Overcome the biggest barriers to multi-cloud business success: Cloud-native adoption and multi-cloud connectivity management.

RELEASE: Prosimo Hits the MCN Market by Making Multi-Cloud Connectivity Free (2)

Overcome the biggest barriers to multi-cloud business success: Cloud-native adoption and multi-cloud connectivity management


SAN JOSE, California, June 28, 2023/PRNewswire/ -- Prosimo launches Prosimo MCN Foundation, a free, industry-shattering multi-cloud networking solution powered by its cloud-native full-stack platform. Prosimo has received accolades from Fortune 500 financial services companies and notable companies for its exceptional cloud-native architecture. MCN Foundation's offering has received praise for its ability to generate significant cost savings, exceeding $100,000 compared to commercial alternatives. By adopting this solution, companies move to Prosimo's advanced MCN solutions that can achieve a remarkable 30-50% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), potentially leading to savings of millions of dollars.

More details about the MCN Foundation:

MCN Foundation Accelerates Cloud Adoption

Companies move through three key stages in their journey to the cloud. Stage 1 involves establishing reliable connectivity. In Stage 2, the focus shifts to compatible applications and services that use this connectivity. Finally, in Stage 3, businesses truly reap the benefits of scalable cloud adoption. Today's MCN solutions impose excessive financial and time burdens on enterprises due to complexities, lack of application/service focus, non-cloud-native operating models, and high Stage 1 license fees. These factors continue to hinder the growth of the multi-cloud networking market and the slow migration to the cloud.

MCN Foundation for free is consolidated as an undeniable starting point. As critical cloud connectivity is delivered, Prosimo is focused on moving the operational paradigm up to the application layer and transitioning to a utility network environment. This transition enables seamless interconnectivity between applications and PaaS, addressing complex challenges such as policy governance, segmentation, accelerated application modernization, and optimized cloud cost control.

"Establishing a consistent, repeatable, and scalable way to create connectivity to one or more public clouds and ensuring complete end-to-end visibility into these environments are two of the biggest challenges for businesses. Organizations must overcome complex and cumbersome cloud computing solutions." legacy connectivity that requires significant resources, time and money to create a multi-cloud network Prosimo MCN Foundation democratizes multi-cloud networks, accelerating adoption and the ability to scale connections to multiple public clouds, while allowing enterprises to maintain control infrastructure and focus on higher-value outcomes," said Bob Laliberte, Principal Network Analyst at ESG.

"According to our research, 94% of enterprise cloud-native workloads run in multi-cloud environments and have a desire for increased agility to accelerate the speed of business. Resolving cloud connectivity is a critical requirement that makes makes cloud networks transparent and removes friction between cloud networks and DevOps, allowing them to work more collaboratively This allows enterprises to focus on the application and allows DevOps to accelerate cloud migration and deliver innovations aligned with business objectives. Prosimo MCN Foundation provides enterprise journeys to the cloud by enabling organizations to build consistent connectivity and policies across clouds and provides a NetDevOps-centric path to self-service application onboarding," he explained. Paul Nashawaty, principal analyst, infrastructure modernization, application development and modernization, at TechTarget Enterprise Strategy Group.

Instant ROI with MCN Foundation

"Unfortunately, enterprises today are stuck in stage 1 of cloud networking - building network highways - and can't focus on the real value: applications, services and users. Customers who have adopted Prosimo have gone beyond the stages start-ups quickly and can innovate quickly using cloud-native networks," said Ramesh Prabagaran, Co-Founder and CEO of Prosimo. "The 30-50% savings is not something that enterprises can ignore. Value is rising in the cloud networking stack, and by democratizing MCN, we want to lead the charge in helping enterprises get there quickly. Please wait." a major disruption to the market that is suppressed today by traditional cloud networking approaches."

Free connectivity allows businesses to soar!

Whether it's an instant savings of $100,000 or a 30-50% reduction in TCO, the starting point is simple and only requires a few clicks.

In <7 minutes, you will be able to create and operate your MCN:


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About Prosimo: Prosimo offers a simplified multi-cloud infrastructure for distributed enterprise cloud journeys. Businesses innovate faster and stay in control with Prosimo's integrated stack. This stack combines cloud networking, performance, security, observability, and cost management, all driven by data insights and machine learning models, with autonomous cloud networking to reduce complexity and risk. Cloud-oriented companies, including F100, have adopted Prosimo to successfully deploy revenue-generating applications, improve operational efficiencies, and accelerate positive business results. Prosimo is backed by prominent investors such as General Catalyst, WRVI Capital, and Blackrock. For more information, visit

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