RELEASE: Ragú, the new gourmet trattoria in Rivas that no one should miss

Madrid, July 7, 2023.

RELEASE: Ragú, the new gourmet trattoria in Rivas that no one should miss

Madrid, July 7, 2023.

The eastern part of Madrid, and Rivas especially, is increasingly a constant hotbed of gastronomic openings. Between new restaurants and established ones, keeping up is almost impossible. But it is important to have on the "wish list" those that are truly worth it.

Located at Calle Aurelio Álvarez 4, in Rivas-Vaciamadrid, Ragú is a new gourmet Italian restaurant and trattoria that offers a menu full of traditional dishes. It opened its doors not long ago and has delighted all the visitors and customers who come with the idea of ​​trying authentic Italian food.

And it is that from the moment you enter you know that it will be worth spending more than one visit to discover its secrets.

The name of the restaurant Ragú refers to the traditional Italian meat-based stew that accompanies pasta in Italian cuisine. Its preparation requires very slow cooking (some recipes require up to fifteen hours), generally with tomato sauce, although there are "white ragù" elaborations that do not include it.

This lengthy process and the complexity of some recipes mean that in Italy it is a homemade sauce prepared only on special occasions and that outside of Italy it is very difficult to find it with the technique and point found on the menu of the Ragú restaurant.

The restaurant has three different spaces. On the ground floor of the restaurant there is a reception bar and low tables in an environment with colors that speak of the Mediterranean and southern Italy. At the top, a magnificent roof terrace to enjoy the evenings in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. At street level, an outdoor terrace that allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of one of the liveliest streets in Rivas.

As the three spaces share the same menu, the choice of area is adapted to each occasion.

The menu offers a variety and quality of dishes, all of them made with ingredients imported directly from Italy.

To begin with, among the different starters we can highlight the typical Italian antipasti, made up of a selection of salads, cold cuts and cheeses.

But what really steals the attention are the entrees. The paccheri with Neapolitan ragù, which are very large tube-shaped pasta with a sauce whose preparation requires 15 hours of cooking that give it a unique and penetrating flavor. Another star dish is the tagliatelle with venison ragù accompanied with Parmesan cheese.

Of course, on the menu there is also room for more classic options, such as lasagna and even some risotto.

Very well prepared desserts and a wine list with a perfect selection of Italian wines ensure a complete gastronomic experience that will transport you to southern Italy.

In summary, an Italian restaurant that is already succeeding in Rivas and in which it is highly recommended to make a reservation in advance at this link.

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Contact name: Luis Luengo

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Contact phone: 655765596

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