RELEASE: Salinda Resort, luxury and nature in the heart of Phu Quoc island, Vietnam

PHU QUOC, Vietnam, Nov.

RELEASE: Salinda Resort, luxury and nature in the heart of Phu Quoc island, Vietnam

PHU QUOC, Vietnam, Nov. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Nestled on the sunset-drenched western coast of Phu Quoc, Salinda Resort is a beacon of hospitality and charm. This boutique beach resort is not just a destination; It is a captivating journey where luxury meets nature.

Salinda creates a charming tapestry of modern comfort woven from the threads of authentic Vietnamese service. The 121 rooms, suites and villas are not mere spaces; They are reflections of contemporary elegance with a local touch that perfectly bridges the interior and the impressive natural wonders. Each room is a canvas, adorned with unique wall art, celebrating masterful Vietnamese craftsmanship.

Salinda's mission goes beyond offering a beach retreat: it extends to ensuring that nature also enjoys its well-deserved vacation. Salinda Family considers itself a lucky recipient of nature's bounty and wants to create a socially responsible eco-resort where guests can relax knowing the team is doing their part to protect their home and contribute to local communities.

From the beginning, sustainability is integrated into Salinda Resort's architecture with environmentally friendly building materials such as Accoya wood paneling and thermoregulating stone walls, and the creation of multi-level gardens covering more than 80% of the property. It is evident in daily operations with its own water bottling plant (which avoids the use of 2.8 tons of plastic bottles per year), a miniature composting center to create garden compost and eco-friendly toiletries . Additionally, the resort invites guests to forge a spiritual connection with local communities and appreciate Vietnamese culture through regular neighborhood clean-ups and volunteering at soup kitchens, self-guided walks through Madame Huyen's art gallery, featuring paintings by artists emerging Vietnamese, and a library with books donated by former residents of the complex.

Opting for a holistic approach, Salinda takes care of guests' well-being at all times. By replacing industrialized chlorine with that from natural salts, the resort's salt-filtered pool offers a healthy swimming experience. Yoga and meditation are practiced in the mornings in the mango garden, and every evening guests are offered a bedside wellness treat to prepare them for a good night's sleep, from locally sourced lotus heart tea to a relaxing scent for the pillow.

For true rejuvenation of spirit and body this winter, immerse yourself in this unique blend of luxury and sustainability that only Salinda Resort can offer.

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