RELEASE: Solmicro ERP receives the Award for Best Business Management Software

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Solmicro ERP receives the Award for Best Business Management Software

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Recognition for Zucchetti Spain's ERP software in the XXIII Edition of the Byte TI Awards

Bilbao, September 29, 2023.- Zucchetti Spain's ERP-CRM software solution, Solmicro ERP, has been awarded the Best Business Management Software Award at the XXIII Byte TI Awards. Solmicro ERP business management software is the most flexible, customizable and innovative solution, with all the functionalities for the new management needs of companies.

The CEO of Zucchetti Spain, Justino Martínez Salinas, collected the award at the Byte TI 2023 Awards ceremony, which took place at the Costume Museum this Thursday, September 28.

The Solmicro ERP software solution, from Zucchetti Spain, has been recognized as the "Best Business Management Software" by Byte TI Magazine, in the XXIII edition of the Byte TI Awards. This is an event that each year awards a famous statuette to different solutions, products, projects or people of relevance in the information technology sector.

Solmicro ERP, awarded the Best Business Management Software Award

Justino Martínez Salinas, CEO of Zucchetti Spain, thanked this recognition on behalf of the company during the ceremony that took place at the Costume Museum in Madrid. Furthermore, he has valued the efforts of the entire team to develop an innovative and customizable solution that meets the needs of today's client and allows companies to have a decisive tool to address their digital transformation.

The management software solution, Solmicro ERP, is the most avant-garde, customizable and flexible tool on the market, which has allowed it to establish itself as one of the most desirable reference solutions for companies. Its wide functionality and integration possibilities allow companies to have a solution perfectly adaptable to their specific needs, regardless of their type and sector, which allows them to strengthen the competitiveness of each business.

The award-winning software, Solmicro ERP, is one of the star solutions in Zucchetti Spain's extensive software catalog. It is a tool that stands out for its ease of use, speed and adaptability, which allows users to use it according to their needs and carry out the configurations and customizations they need in each case.

Solmicro ERP is the result of a strong investment by Zucchetti Spain, a highly advanced solution that allows you to take full advantage of the benefits of the most current new technologies, designed so that it can be used by both small and medium-sized companies as well as large companies and multinationals. from any sector.

In addition to having a generalist ERP software solution, Solmicro ERP, designed so that companies in any sector can manage all areas of their business efficiently and intuitively, has ten vertical developments that incorporate specific functionalities for the needs of each sector: industrial, wine, construction, engineering, installation, services, distribution, automotive, machinery rental or agriculture.

A solution that helps simplify management and improve decision making

One of the advantages of Solmicro ERP is the ease of integration it offers so it can be used together with other Zucchetti Spain solutions, such as the comprehensive Human Resources management software, Zucchetti HR; SGA-WMS software, MES for production control and planning, e-Commerce*, or with other solutions from third-party manufacturers.

In this way, it boosts the productivity of companies by simplifying management, increasing the automation of different business processes and facilitating business decision-making based on real data. Solmicro ERP has been recognized with this award as a strategic tool to address digitalization and the necessary change in business culture that the digital era requires.

It is an agile solution, with an intuitive graphical interface that allows companies to store their data securely and in compliance with data protection regulations. Its great flexibility and innovative design are combined with a close and personalized support service that helps solve any need.

Furthermore, Zucchetti Spain's expert team guarantees success in each implementation, and its large community of users and developers, as well as its innovative self-training platform, allow the user to explore all the advantages and possibilities of the tool before, during and after the implementation. implantation.

About the Zucchetti Group

With 40 years of history, a turnover of 1.3 billion euros in 2022 (proforma), more than 700,000 customers, 8,000 employees, 1,650 distributors in Italy and another 350 internationally, the Zucchetti Group is one of the main manufacturers of software Europe and the first Italian software company since 2006 (Top5 IT ranking by IDC Italy), with HR management solutions, ERP-CRM, robotics, POS solutions for hospitality and retail, automation, Internet of Things, M2M and access control and video surveillance systems.

It is present in more than 30 cities in Italy and 15 countries, with offices in France, Germany, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, United Kingdom, USA, Austria, Bulgaria, Mexico, Poland, Canada, United Arab Emirates and China, an expansion project in constant growth.

Zucchetti in Spain

The Zucchetti Group is present in Spain through Zucchetti Spain. With 40 years of experience, it is a point of reference in the national IT sector, where it has 280 employees and a partner channel made up of 300 certified professionals, a turnover of 20 million euros in 2022 and more than 4,000 clients.

Its catalog of technological solutions is the widest on the market, adding to those developed in Spain, the portfolio of software and hardware solutions of the Zucchetti Group. Their ERP-CRM, MES, BI, production scheduling and planning business management software solutions stand out; HR, payroll, mobility and workspace management; POS software for the HORECA channel and retail trade, software for consulting and office management, cybersecurity solutions, and software and hardware for access control and security.

Zucchetti Spain maintains a firm commitment to innovation, with local R D i centers, the support of 2,000 experts in this area of ​​the Zucchetti Group, and important recognitions: in 2022, "Innovation Award" (XXXIII Leaders Awards for Business Excellence), and in 2021 "Innovation Award in Software Development" (European Association of Economics and Competitiveness).

Contact Contact name: Joseba Fínez Contact description: Marketing Director of Zucchetti Spain Contact telephone: 94 427 13 62