RELEASE: SRK achieves historic Net Zero certification in the global diamond sector

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: SRK achieves historic Net Zero certification in the global diamond sector

(Information sent by the signatory company)

-SRK accelerates new sustainability standard: becomes the first to achieve historic Net Zero certification in the global diamond sector

Indian diamond brand celebrates achieving its first Net Zero certified facility six years ahead of schedule

SURAT, India, May 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- World-renowned natural diamond craft company Shree Ramkrishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. (SRK) today announced a pioneering achievement towards emissions elimination. Initially scheduled to reach net zero at its two flagship manufacturing facilities, SRK House and SRK Empire, in 2030, SRK joined forces with Global Network for Zero (GNFZ) to accelerate its goal to 2024, becoming the first in the world to achieve historic net zero construction certification.

Already two of the highest-performing LEED-certified buildings in the world, SRK House and SRK Empire have long been the shining example of the brand's commitment to proactively reducing its carbon footprint. And today, after partnering with GNFZ, a revolutionary net zero certification body founded by former president and CEO of the U.S. Green Building Council, Mahesh Ramanujam, SRK has successfully accelerated the net zero certification of both buildings more than six years ahead of schedule.

"In 2015, the world outlined its ambitious Paris Agreement goals. But these rigorous timelines and interim benchmarks are based on data that our warming world has already surpassed. Our partnership with GNFZ presents us with an opportunity to lead by example , accelerate the decarbonization of the diamond sector and share our best practices with colleagues pursuing net zero emissions around the world," said SRK brand custodian Shreyans Dholakia.

The strategies SRK employed at its facilities to certify include installing a 6 MW off-site solar power plant to mitigate its Scope 1 and 2 emissions and, for Scope 3, converting all SRK-owned cars to electric, installing solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations, creating an app to track employees' daily travel modes and practices, and planting trees on a 200-acre land area.

SRK's certification reaffirms its long-standing commitment to pursuing and sustaining a zero-emission future. SRK's pioneering decarbonization work is a signal to the global diamond sector and the broader business community that, as GNFZ cites in its mission, now is the time to put "net zero within reach" for everyone. The GNFZ team will continuously monitor the company's data, verify its net zero achievements and ensure it charts a perpetual path to maintaining world-class zero emissions performance.

About Shree Ramkrishna Exports

Founded by Shri Govind Dholakia, also known as Govindkaka, SRK is one of the world's leading diamond manufacturing and exporting conglomerates. Valued at nearly $1.8 billion, SRK employs over 6,000 people and has played a pivotal role in transforming India's contribution to the global economy over the past six decades. SRK, a purpose-driven organization committed to what it calls “PURE” trust, transparency and tenacity, is leading the gem and jewelry industry to prioritize sustainable practices, compliance and shed light on urgently needed efforts. of acceleration for a zero-emissions India and beyond. SRK is recognized as the most compliant company in the industry with the largest number of ISO, system and process certifications. Additionally, nearly 4.5% of SRK's profits are contributed to various philanthropic and community welfare initiatives. Rooted in Govindkaka's lifelong pursuit of equal opportunity, upward mobility and universal standards of living, the pioneering diamond entity is dedicated to ensuring that sustainability and human well-being remain the cornerstones of its growing empire forever.

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